By: African Seeds

Origins: African landrace
Flowering Period Outdoors: 8-12 weeks (condition dependent)
Flowering Period Indoors: 8 weeks
Height: 2-4 m (6-12 ft)
Type: Sativa
Yields Outdoor: 20-30 oz (600-1000 gr)
Yields Indoor: 2-3 oz

Like the metal that gave Zambia its life blood, Zambian Copper gave the country its character. Grown widely across the plateau regions of the copper belt this is a sub-strain similar to Malawi Gold but faster flowering. Large branched plants, darker foliage, buds laden with white / redtipped hairs, very large resin coated seed pouches. Strong, kick-ass, Sativa high similar to Malawi. Does well in cooler outdoor climates than Malawi Gold.

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