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Will 2018 midterm elections remove Republicans? 2018 ballot issues: marijuana & minimum wage.

A or F? How Congress scores on marijuana. 2. By Danielle Keane, NORML political director. 2016. "Of the 233 Democrats in Congress, 208 members (89.3 percent) received a passing grade of a 'C' or higher. Of the 302 Republicans in Congress, 102 members (33.8 percent) received a passing grade of a 'C' or higher." For your state see: Congressional Scorecard. NORML. Grading was based upon members' voting records.


American Holy Wars on brown people worldwide.

Bush lied, my son died Bush. The CIA and I lied. Soldiers died

Share links: Wars - Wars on demand - CIA. This article was written by Timeshifter. See also: Brutality and the Drug War. And: Race, ethnicity, and drug war.
They lied

The axis of evil Reagan-Bush wars, and fabricated wars, on demand. Including drug wars, and torture. Special discount for wars on brown people. A good movie: Syriana. See also: Reagan's war on cannabis. And: The U.S. drug war, Republicans lead. And: Race, ethnicity, and drug war.

"From 2002 to 2005, Haspel was an active participant in the CIA’s 'extraordinary rendition' program. ... Specifically, Haspel was in charge of the CIA’s 'Cat’s Eye,' a secret prison located in Thailand. Haspel oversaw the daily torture of detained individuals at Cat’s Eye."

Thailand also killed thousands of drug users during this period. See Thailand section farther down.

George Carlin: Youtube: George Carlin: "We Like War!" 1992. "Especially if your country's full of brown people." (1 min 20 sec in. Direct link there). Bush's "crusade".
  • George Carlin "We Like War!"

    George Carlin "We Like War!"

  • Bush Crusade
Webcomic xkcd - Wikipedian protester

Note the flag. :) Even Americans have to cite their sources.

Colin Powell anthrax vial. 5 Feb 2003 at the UN

Lie After Lie After Lie: What Colin Powell Knew Ten Years Ago Today and What He Said. By Jonathan Schwarz. Feb 5, 2013. Updated Apr 7, 2013.

Drug war is also profitable: Prison companies, guard unions, law schools, courthouse construction
Cheney and Halliburton
Dick Cheney would like to thank you for your s̶e̶r̶v̶i̶c̶e̶ business. See Facebook comments

Iraq War

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Republicans still lying about Iraq [185] (2014 articles). The trillions of dollars lost and millions of families broken.

Lying about sex, lying about war

Reagan's War on Cannabis

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Ronald Reagan, 1980 campaign speech 1: "Leading medical researchers are coming to the conclusion that marijuana, pot, grass, whatever you want to call it, is probably the most dangerous drug in the United States, and we haven't begun to find out all of the ill effects, but they are permanent ill effects. The loss of memory for example."
See Reagan say it at 1 minute 7 seconds into this video clip narrated by Woody Harrelson.
U.S. incarceration timeline 4

Obama helped turn around the Reagan-Bush War on Pot, mandatory minimums, mass incarceration. See: US incarceration peaked in 2008.

Reaganism: Cannabis war, trickle-down economics, code-word racism, hate radio, mass incarceration.

Republican-led big spending on drug war.

Trillion-dollar Cost of Republican-led U.S. drug war. And: Its racist application. [192][193].

Trenton 2017 June. New Jersey. The plant is winning

"After a 40 year trillion dollar war against a plant, The Plant Is Winning". Trenton, New Jersey.

War on pot a raving success

Plan Mexico

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Wikipedia: Plan Mexico, (and before):

Thailand's summary executions, drug-war death squads, black sites

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"From 2002 to 2005, Haspel was an active participant in the CIA’s 'extraordinary rendition' program. ... Specifically, Haspel was in charge of the CIA’s 'Cat’s Eye,' a secret prison located in Thailand. Haspel oversaw the daily torture of detained individuals at Cat’s Eye."

Gina Haspel became chief of the "Cat's Eye" CIA black site in Thailand in late October 2002. [195][196][197].

Jeff Sessions and Granny from Beverly Hillbillies

Jeff Sessions and Granny [19].

Jeff Sessions once wanted to execute pot dealers.

1/3 of adult Americans have been arrested

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1 in 3 adult Americans have been arrested

Graphic with comments.

In the graphic to the right I don't know about the accuracy of the numbers under Stalin. But the number for American arrests can be found in the articles below:

Chicago's black sites and torture

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Vic Suter

Temporarily disappeared to Homan Square.

Gulf War I

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Wikipedia: Gulf War I.

"Incredibly, even as some American officials were adamant that the U.S. had no commitments to Kuwait, other senior Americans were reassuring top Kuwaitis that the U.S. was totally in their corner, and urged them not to buckle to the Iraqi leader's demands. One of those was General Norman Schwartzkopf, then American commander for the Gulf region, who personally told Kuwaiti officials that the U.S. had their back. The director of the CIA was also encouraging Kuwaiti them to keep the economic strangle hold on Saddam. ... To convince the Saudis of that threat, then Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney flew to Riyadh. He took with him satellite photographs that supposedly showed Iraqi armored forces massed in offensive positions, ready to strike the Saudis. ... After the invasion, a number of news organizations obtained commercial satellite photographs of Iraqi forces in Kuwait and had them examined by skilled photo analysts, veterans of the U.S. intelligence community. They found no signs of the supposed massive Iraqi troop build up anywhere near the Saudi border; nor for that matter anywhere in Kuwait."

Iraq invaded Kuwait in August 1990. On October 10, 1990, a young Kuwaiti girl known only as "Nayirah" appeared in front of a congressional committee and testified that she witnessed the mass murdering of infants, when Iraqi soldiers had snatched them out of hospital incubators and threw them on the floor to die. Her testimony became a lead item in newspapers, radio and TV all over the US. The story was eventually exposed as a fabrication in December 1992, in a CBC-TV program called To Sell a War. Nayirah was revealed to be the daughter of Kuwait's ambassador to the United States, and actually hadn't seen the "atrocities" she described take place; the PR firm Hill & Knowlton, which had been hired by the Kuwaiti government to encourage American intervention in the war, had heavily promoted her testimony.

Why do we have wars

Deaths surrounding advanced research

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  • The Mystery of the Marconi Deaths. By Nick Redfern. Mysterious Universe. More info. "Dozens of scientists and technicians – all working on highly-classified programs, and all linked to one, particular company – dead under highly controversial and unusual circumstances. It’s a controversy that ran from the early 1980s to 1991 and remains unresolved to this very day."
"Just seven days after Greenhalgh and Gooding died, and only a short distance away, a woman named Shani Warren took her last breaths. Warren worked for Micro Scope, a company taken over by Marconi just weeks later. Despite being found in just a foot and a half of water, and with a gag in her mouth, her feet bound, and her hands tied behind her back, the official verdict was – wholly outrageously – suicide."

Bay of Pigs

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Wikipedia: Bay of Pigs Invasion:

Kennedy assassination

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Oswald may have been involved, but certainly not alone.

Vietnam War

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Wikipedia: Vietnam War:

Treason. Nixon and Kissinger sabotaged 1968 pre-election truce

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In the four years between the [1968] sabotage and what Kissinger termed “peace at hand” just prior to the 1972 election, more than 20,000 US troops died in Vietnam. More than 100,000 were wounded. More than a million Vietnamese were killed.

But in 1973, Kissinger was given the Nobel Peace Prize for negotiating the same settlement he helped sabotage in 1968.

Brazilian military government

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Wikipedia: Brazilian military government:

"The CIA performed psyops against Goulart, performed character assassination, pumped money into opposition groups, and enlisted the help of the Agency for International Development and the AFL-CIO. The 1964 Brazilian coup d'état exiled Goulart and the military dictatorship of Humberto de Alencar Castelo Branco took over."

1953 Iran. Overthrow of democracy

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1973 Chile. Overthrow of democracy

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The Bourne Identity. The Real Story

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Presidents have too much power

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Bring back democracy: Remove Presidential veto power. And: Senate 60% rule.

Presidents have too much power. Johnson: Vietnam War, Warren Commission. Nixon: War on Drugs. Reagan: Mandatory minimum sentencing and mass incarceration. -- Video. Bush 1: More mass incarceration.


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