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Share link: voteout. This article was written by Timeshifter. Vote for cannabis. See also: Drug war causes high U.S. incarceration rate. And: Happy alternatives to Republican-led poverty, mass incarceration, food insecurity, debt, ill health, intense concentration of wealth, endless wars. And: Cost of Republican-led U.S. drug war. And: Reagan's war on cannabis. And: Income inequality and drug war. Click on your state to determine which anti-cannabis Republicans to vote against.
Will 2018 midterm elections remove Republicans? 2018 ballot issues: marijuana & minimum wage.

A or F? How Congress scores on marijuana. 2. By Danielle Keane, NORML political director. 2016. "Of the 233 Democrats in Congress, 208 members (89.3 percent) received a passing grade of a 'C' or higher. Of the 302 Republicans in Congress, 102 members (33.8 percent) received a passing grade of a 'C' or higher." For your state see: Congressional Scorecard. NORML. Grading was based upon members' voting records.

16 Jul 2018: Republican Congressional Committee Blocks Marijuana Votes (Again).
11 Jul 2018: Could Legal Marijuana Tip the Senate for Democrats?
10 Jul 2018: GOP Congress Has Blocked Dozens Of Marijuana Amendments.

The Republican record of cannabis war Edit

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Holy War on Drugs, Conservative-led global incarceration.

22 Oct 2018: Republican Attorney General seeks to outlaw hashish for medical marijuana patients.
17 Oct 2018: Republican Mississippi. Medical cannabis patient gets 8 years in prison for possession of 3 pounds. [189]. See also: Cost of Republican-led U.S. drug war.
14 Oct 2018: Hemp could become a leading Minnesota crop if the Republican legal limbo ended.
27 Sep 2018: US House Republicans Block Marijuana Tax Fairness Vote.
25 Sep 2018: Texas. Leading Republican Congressional Marijuana Opponent In Danger Of Losing Seat.
14 Sep 2018: Republican lawmaker wants to drug test Congress. He is a congressman, and ex-captain for the St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s Office. From Louisiana, the state with the 2nd highest incarceration rate.

America's under attack. Gotta sign up

14 Sep 2018: Florida. Polling: Republican candidates on wrong side of medical marijuana smoking ban.

12 Sep 2018: Texas. Willie Nelson to headline rally for Democrat O'Rourke, running against Republican Ted Cruz. 10 Sep 2018: Marijuana In Texas: Where Ted Cruz And Beto O’Rourke Stand On Legalization.

11 Sep 2018: Republican Congressional Leadership Strips Provisions Facilitating Medical Marijuana Access for Veterans. 10 Sep 2018: Poll. Republican Rick Scott. Florida Governor’s Opposition to Medical Marijuana Hurts His Senate Bid.

18 Aug 2018: Beto O’Rourke, on a ‘suicide mission’ against Ted Cruz, is having the time of his life — and might even come out of it alive. He supports federal marijuana legalization. [190][191].

8 Aug 2018: Lawmakers In U.S. Territory (Northern Mariana Islands) Vote To Legalize Marijuana. Senate likely to pass it. Republican governor is shaky.

3 Aug 2018: New York Marijuana Legalization Hinges On Democrats Winning In November.

Javonnie Mondrea McCoy and Catherine Bernard. Laurens County, Georgia. July 2018

Jury nullification wins in Georgia.

16 Jul 2018: Jury nullification wins medical cannabis case. Georgia. [192]. And: Georgia Republicans created near-useless medical cannabis laws. [193]. 7 Jul 2018: Georgia Cops Took Their Son Away For Medical Marijuana. Now Reunited, Family Speaks Out. [194][195]

12 Jun 2018: South Carolina Voters Overwhelmingly Pass Medical Marijuana Question On Democratic Party Primary Ballot. Republicans are blocking a full vote in the legislature.

2 May 2018: Maine Lawmakers Override Republican Governor To Start Adult-Use Marijuana Sales. 5 Apr 2018: Dumbass Louisiana Republican state lawmaker cites satirical article in argument against medical marijuana. 30 Mar 2018: Rick Steves on a journey toward marijuana legalization. "In some cases, they’re just waiting to get rid of their Republican governor."

That illegal smile

That illegal smile Republicans don't like.

29 Jan 2018: Virginia Senate Republicans kill bill to decriminalize small amounts of marijuana.

3 Nov 2017: Maine's Republican governor vetoes voter-approved bill to legalize the sale of recreational marijuana. [196]

7 Apr 2017: New Mexico's Republican governor vetoes a bill that would have allowed medical marijuana for opioid addiction. 7 Apr 2017: New Mexico's Republican governor vetoes the 911 Good Samaritan Overdose Prevention Bill. 7 Apr 7, 2017: Idaho's Republican governor vetoes a broadly-supported asset forfeiture reform bill.

Jeff Sessions once wanted to execute pot dealers. Jan. 29, 2017.