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Share link: Violence. This article was written by Timeshifter. See also: Brutality and the Drug War.

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The USA, Mexico, Colombia and other nations with strong, militaristic drug wars often have high levels of violent crime.

Due to its part in creating the astronomical U.S. incarceration rate the NRA is greatly responsible for some of the violence in the USA. This is due to the large number of people cycling through the college of violence called the U.S. prison-industrial complex. This is in contrast to Canada and Western European nations with much lower rates of incarceration.

The NRA has also frequently demonized drug users, and supported the "Drug War" mentality in the USA. The Chicago Tribune Nov. 2, 1995 reports: "Although drugs and violent crime often are linked in America, the violent crime rate in the Netherlands is far lower than in the U.S., despite the Netherlands' more liberal drug policies. There were 1.9 homicides in Holland per 100,000 people in 1993. The U.S. rate was 9.5 homicides per 100,000." Emphasis added.

A 1994 Sentencing Project report states: "Rates of assault and murder with firearms are far higher in the US than in comparable nations, with murder rates in the US generally five to ten times the rate of most European nations."

The prison-industrial complex is a factory for creating ever-more violent criminals from nonviolent ones.

"Since 1960, the number of violent crimes committed in the U.S. has increased by more than 500%, although the population has grown just 41%. According to the FBI, nearly 2,000,000 violent crimes occurred in 1991 alone. In 1960, that figure was less then 300,000" (May 1994, USA Today magazine).

Harm Reduction drug policies lower drug overdose deaths, chronic hard-drug user illness in general, and societal violence also.

The Drug War is a main entry point of nonviolent offenders into the college of violence called the U.S. prison-industrial complex. American gulags are one big factor in the high US murder rate.

"The prestige of government has undoubtedly been lowered considerably by the prohibition law. For nothing is more destructive of respect for the government and the law of the land than passing laws which cannot be enforced. It is an open secret that the dangerous increase of crime in this country is closely connected with this." --Albert Einstein, "My First Impression of the U.S.A.", 1921. (emphasis added).

12-1999. US: Overall Violence Is Up Since '60s, Study Reports. "kind of crime rate that we would have said is a disaster when we went to work on that crime report 30 years ago... notes the continuing prevalence of crime in the United States relative to other industrialized nations... Nearly (one-quarter) of all young children live in poverty. America is the most unequal country in the industrialized world in terms of income, wages and wealth."

The Chicago Tribune Nov. 2, 1995 reports: "Although drugs and violent crime often are linked in America, the violent crime rate in the Netherlands is far lower than in the U.S., despite the Netherlands' more liberal drug policies. There were 1.9 homicides in Holland per 100,000 people in 1993. The U.S. rate was 9.5 homicides per 100,000." Emphasis added.

ABC news did a report January 28, 1996 about Nashville's police department and the effect of putting only 28 of their 300 detectives to work full-time on domestic violence.

In 1992, out of 78 murders in Nashville, one third were because of domestic violence. Only one detective back then worked on domestic violence. In contrast, in 1995 there were only 7 murders due to domestic violence. One detective in Nashville said that no matter how many detectives were assigned to narcotics, the narcotics crime rate would stay the same. Domestic violence is the leading cause of injury to US women, more than the combination of rapes, muggings, and auto accidents. According to The Harvard Mental Health Letter, August 1995, each year, one out of eight husbands is physically aggressive at least once toward his wife and nearly 2 million women are severely assaulted by their male partners.

Washington Monthly, October 1995: "'We put millions of drug offenders through the courts--and we have more people in jail per capita than any country except Russia--but we're not affecting the drug trade, let alone drug use,' says Robert Sweet, U.S. district judge in the Southern district of New York. 'It's perfectly obvious,' Sweet says, 'that if you took the money spent housing drug offenders and enforcing the drug laws, and apply it to straight law enforcement, the results would be very impressive.' Indeed, what politicians ignore is all too clear to judges, prosecutors, and cops. 'The drug war can't be won,' says Joseph McNamara, the former chief of police in Kansas City and San Jose, who also spent 10 years on the New York City force. 'Any cop will tell you that.'"

As for nations without long, genuinely-democratic traditions let's look at the country with the highest murder rate in the world in 1993--Colombia, the main Death-Squad narco-democracy, with the most drug-related murders per capita. New Statesman & Society, Dec 17 1993, says that "In 1991, there were 25,000 murders; this year [1993], the total looks set to reach 30,000--a rate of 99 murders per 100,000 population, compared with an average of 17 per 100,000 in Latin America as a whole. 'Colombia is clearly the most violent country that's not at war,' says Alvaro Camacho, sociologist at Bogota's National University." [must have had a lull in 1993 in the 'official' war between the guerrillas and the government. The Drug War never stopped. Ex- U.S. Southern Command (SouthCom) leader generalissimo Barry McCaffrey (Drug Czar under President Clinton) wouldn't have approved of that type of sanity. Because he's Drug Crazy. Buy the book by Mike Gray]

The high violent crime and murder rate in the USA is much of the justification for the draconian mandatory minimum drug laws. The crack cocaine laws are justified because of the violent crack cocaine drug trade. And then all the other mandatory minimum drug laws for other drugs and cannabis ride the bandwagon of the crack cocaine parade, and are thrown in as part of the package.

If banning handguns in the USA eventually lowered the astronomical US murder rate down to the far-smaller rate in Western Europe, Canada, Australia, etc, and this caused US citizens to no longer feel the need for draconian drug war sentencing and laws, then to hell with handguns, and good riddance. You don't protect against tyranny with a wimpy handgun anyway. You use a rifle or shotgun. Handguns cause the astronomical US murder rate, because there is no other way to EASILY murder someone with a lethal concealable weapon, and not get blood (evidence) all over oneself. Think about it.

I am all for letting the NRA temporarily get its dream of legal concealed-carry laws in all 50 states just to prove that it will only have a minor effect on dropping the murder rate (compared to Western Europe, Canada, Australia).

Then the NRA and more Americans may pull their collective heads out of their xenophobic asses and try Western Europe's banning of handguns - to get results, not ideology - in order to lessen the murder rate, and the harm of the drug war, drugs, and the drug trade.

Public opinion often ties the violence of American society to the drug trade in the eyes of many Americans. The high US murder rate is why the USA is so far behind Western Europe in harm reduction drug policies; and also in decriminalizing, tolerating, and legalizing cannabis, either for recreational or medical use.

Drug Czar (under Clinton) McCaffrey frequently lied about the supposed dangers of cannabis, the numbers of deaths from all drugs, etc.. McCzar successfully tied cannabis to hard drugs in the public's mind. Violence, murder, and drug deaths.

Nixon started the "war on drugs" mentality in 1971 when he declared the "war on drugs." He also tied it to the whole "law and order" issue. Republicrats have bamboozled us yet again. The NRA lobbied hard for mandatory minimums. To shift attention away yet again from HANDGUNS.

Handguns allow easy murder - without getting bloody. Putting 2 million people in jail hasn't done much to stop the violence. Been there, done that. Next.

The NRA is helping put millions of drug users in jail - many for long sentences due to their lobbying for mandatory minimums. The NRA is the enemy.

NRA and mandatory minimum drug sentences. Cannabis, too.

3-1997. The NRA strikes back. Magazine: In These Times. March 17, 1997. It is the last article.

The Sentencing Project. Many Facts About Prisons and Prisoners worldwide.

Yearly numbers in state prisons by offense. Timeline

chapter1.htm [A Tale of Two Cities, chapter 1 of Drug Crazy, by Mike Gray. Chicago's prohibition violence now, and in the 1920's and 30's].

Crime and the Drug War. [homicide rates before and after prohibitions].

MPP: New Marijuana Arrest Record. Marijuana arrests timeline.

A Punk's Song. [prison rape. Terminology. Turning nonviolent into violent. Prisoner power structure. Forced sex slavery via fear of death. American gulags].

Rape of Incarcerated Americans: A Preliminary Statistical Look. [Turning nonviolent into violent. Most US inmates are from Drug War/trade/money-for-drugs crimes].

2017 Global Marijuana March and 420 Edit

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Global Marijuana March animated May 6, 2017, Saturday, or thereabouts. And April 20 (4/20), or thereabouts. Rallies and marches overall change public opinion for the better! See: Cannabis polls.

2017 Facebook event pages for Global Marches and 420. - Some cities.
Main Facebook pages for organizing global marches.

Dove cannabis earth 4
US states that have legalized
as of November 2016 election
Map of states that have legalized marijuana


Cannabis is safer Edit

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See longer article: Cannabis is safer.

Mitt Romney in July 2012 in New Hampshire 2

Obama on medical marijuana and drugs
Above quote is from Sanjay Gupta interview of Obama on April 15, 2015. Interview aired on CNN on April 19, 2015. [37][38][39].

U.S. incarceration timeline 4

Obama helping turn around the Reagan-Bush War on Pot, mandatory minimums, and mass incarceration. See: US incarceration peaked in 2008.

Presidents can not reschedule it Edit

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See main article: Presidents alone can not reschedule marijuana.

The president alone can not reschedule marijuana. [43] [44][45][46]. Since HHS (Health and Human Services) and the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) have again declined to reschedule or deschedule cannabis, then only Congress can do so. But Congress removed help for veterans: Republicans in Congress Won’t Let Veterans Access Medical Marijuana After All. [47][48]. And Congressional Republican committee leaders refuse hearings on CARERS bill to reschedule cannabis. See: Medical Marijuana Advocates Rally to Loosen Restrictions. By Alicia Ault. 23 Mar 2016. Medscape.

Drug-war mass incarceration Edit

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America's mass incarceration
See: Drug war causes high U.S. incarceration rate. And: Drug War, mandatory minimum sentencing, handguns. And: US incarceration peaked in 2008. And: Number of marijuana prisoners in the USA. And: List of countries and U.S. states by incarceration rate.
See articles: Cannabis prisoners and Drug war cost charts, infographics..
The majority of people incarcerated in prisons and jails in the USA are in due to drug-related offenses, crimes to get money for drugs, or drug-related parole or probation violations. Wikipedia: Drug-related crime. The number of inmates in the USA has increased almost 5 times over since 1980. The USA has the highest incarceration rate of any nation b c (except for the tiny country of the Seychelles). Compare incarceration rates worldwide. The cost of the U.S. drug war is at least 1.5 trillion dollars. Cannabis is safer! Share link.
Jail, jail deaths (2), and bail. A Lot Of People Are Dying At This Understaffed Texas Jail. And: How the Money Bail System Perpetuates America’s Mass Incarceration Problem. And: Justice Department blasts ‘unconstitutional’ fixed bail schedules. Many innocent people in jail. And: Many marijuana users in jail without bail money.

Green love Edit

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The Global Marijuana March is the first Saturday in May. The first Saturday in May is also World Naked Gardening Day. (see Google search for it). But, be safe!

Republicans think they can spend an infinite amount of money (many trillions of dollars) on health-insurance-company-based healthcare, and have an infinite number of babies, to feed their appetite for endless ground wars, and for more inmates for more prisons for more drug war.
Population milestones
Green love
As with cannabis legalization Colorado leads the way.. More info. 2.3..
Colorado birth control

End drug war with Universal Healthcare Edit

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See article: End drug war with universal healthcare.

No deductibles on basic Canadian health care and co-pays are extremely low or non-existent. Portugal has universal healthcare. Like Canada. Like nearly all of the EU (European Union). See: Portugal. Cannabis-related links. See: Wikipedia: Health in Portugal and Wikipedia: Drug policy of Portugal.

Replace Obamacare with Single-Payer Healthcare. Higher life expectancy at half the cost. Canada passes US in middle-class wealth. Median after-tax middle-class income in Canada is higher. [49]. Why? Canadians pay so much less for far better healthcare.
Country Life expectancy Infant mortality rate Healthcare cost per person
(2). (US dollars. PPP)
Murder rate
per 100,000
Canada 82.2 years.(2) 4.9 per 1000 births. $4,608 in 2015 1.5
USA 79.3 years.(2) 6.5 per 1000 births. $9,451 in 2015 3.9
Save $1.6 trillion out of $3.2 trillion spent on US healthcare in 2015. How?: Canadian single-payer healthcare, and Portuguese drug decriminalization and treatment. And: Save more via less incarceration. And: Prescriptions are free in Scotland, Wales, N. Ireland. Vs. USA. [50]. And: No personal medical debt in single-payer countries. And: Canada has higher minimum wage.

"The country has 3 overdose deaths per million citizens, compared to the EU average of 17.3."

Portugal drug deaths

In 2014 the USA had 147 overdose deaths per million residents. [51] [52] [53] [54]

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