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US inflation-adjusted wages are flat Edit

Neo awakening. The Matrix

The Trump Matrix. Wage slaves waking up.

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Real wages are adjusted for inflation. Listen up, Trump cupcakes. Your fearless leader screwed nearly all of us.

25 Sep 2018: Real Wage Growth Is Actually Falling. Forbes.

14 Aug 2018: Stagnating salaries: Real US wages are essentially back at 1974 levels, Pew reports. Daniel B. Kline. USA Today.

In U.S., wage growth is being wiped out entirely by inflation. 10 Aug 2018. Washington Post.

7 Aug 2018: For most U.S. workers, real wages have barely budged in decades. Pew Research Center.

26 Jul 2018: As Workers' Wages Continue to Fall Under Trump, Analysis Shows CEO Pay Is Way Higher Than Typically Reported. Jake Johnson, Common Dreams.
17 Jul 2018: Bernie Sanders: Trump’s economy is great for billionaires, not for working families. By Bernie Sanders. USA Today. 17 Jul 2018: If the economy is 'roaring', why are so many Americans still struggling? Bernie Sanders. The Guardian.

10 Jul 2018: National (US) Pay Trends. "Since 2006, wages have risen 12.9 percent overall in the US. But when you factor in inflation, real wages' have actually fallen 9.3 percent. In other words, the income for a typical worker today buys them less than it did in 2006."

2 Jul 2018: An Update for 2018: More Evidence That Half of Americans Are In or Near Poverty. Paul Buchheit. Common Dreams.

Roosevelt and living wage

Franklin Delano Roosevelt. 1933.

Real wages are not just flat, they are falling. 15 Jun 2018. Jeff Stein and Andrew Van Dam. Washington Post.

Reagonomics. Give rich people money

For most workers in the US wages are falling.

Workers’ wages fall after Republican tax cuts. 13 Jun 2018. Tax cuts went mostly to the rich. Should have gone mostly to the middle class who would have had more money free to plow back into the economy.

For the biggest group of American workers, wages aren’t just flat. They’re falling. June 15, 2018. Washington Post. [169][170][171].
15 Jun 2018: Where’s That $4,000 Raise Republicans Promised Workers?

For most U.S. workers, real wages have barely budged in decades. 7 Aug 2018. By Drew DeSilver. Pew Research Center. Chart below is from the article. Bottom of chart says: "Data for wages of production and non-supervisory employees on private non-farm payrolls."
The top line in the chart below is for hourly wages adjusted for inflation

Timeline of inflation-adjusted average hourly wages in the US

Increasing income inequality over time. Chart below from:
17 Dec 2017: A Republican Tax Plan to Turbocharge Inequality, in 3 Charts. New York Times.

Rapidly rising pre-tax income inequality in the USA

Why does National Public Radio, like most media, not report much on this?

1 Jul 2016: Income Inequality Is At The Highest Level In American History. By Bryce Covert. ThinkProgress. "Incomes for the 99 percent have only recovered about 60 percent of what they lost. But the rich are doing great. ... They captured more than half of all the income growth in the country."

Chart below: Top 10% of earners receive 50% of all income:

Top 10% of US population receive 50% of all income

US has one of the stingiest minimum wages Edit

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Wikipedia: List of minimum wages by country.

Chart below is from a Washington Post article on Dec. 29, 2017:
"The U.S. has one of the stingiest minimum wage policies of any wealthy nation."

U.S. minimum wage peaked in 1968
  • If the minimum wage in 1968 was adjusted for inflation
  • Someday I'm gonna own my own pyramid

US has high wealth inequality Edit

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See the median wealth by country chart:

Wikipedia: List of countries by wealth per adult - The average median wealth per adult for Canada ($91,058) is much higher than that of the former great nation, the USA ($55,876). Trump is right. America is no longer great. It's due to Republican trickle-down voodoo economics: Giving tax cuts to the rich instead of to the middle class and poor who actually need them. Plus predatory mortgage loans and foreclosure. And predatory unforgivable student loans. Google News search: student debt.

Republicans waste $$-trillions on health insurance companies, and ground wars ($5.6 trillion). Instead of paying higher wages, and higher minimum wages. As Canada does.

US middle-class wealth has collapsed. [172]. See chart below. See: Income inequality and drug war. And: Wikipedia: List of countries by wealth per adult.? Median wealth is exactly in the middle. 50% of adults have more, and 50% have less. Wealth is all assets (money, stocks, property, etc.) minus all debts.

Median net worth of U.S. households over time

Middle class wealth collapsing. [13]. And: Just 8 men own same wealth as half the world. See Wikipedia: Wealth in the United States.

U.S. household debt at all time high. Chart below from page 3 of PDF.
2003 to 2017 (4th quarter). Total Household Debt by Type:

Total household debt by type over time

Click to enlarge. Timeline is by quarters.

US has high income inequality Edit

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See the median income by country charts:

Timeline of real (inflation-adjusted) average US household income by quintile and top 5 percent.
Note that the bottom 60% of households (bottom 3 quintiles) have had little improvement in real income. While the top 40%, and especially the top 5 percent, have had large, even exceptional, increases in real income.

Real average US household income by quintile and top 5 percent

Trickle down economics does not work Edit

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14 Oct 2018: Bernie Sanders video: Trickle-Down Economics Does Not Work.
12 Oct 2018: Bernie Sanders video: Disney Heiress Abigail Disney Says The Wealthy Don't Need Another Tax Break.