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Breeder: Motarebel
Location: indoor
Type: Indica dominant hybrid (60/40)
Genetics: Blue Kronic (f) x Killian (m)
Flowering: ~60 days

Toxic Blue is the result of crossing a female Blue Kronic to a male Killian. Blue Kronic is a very stoney indica we produced by using a Blue Moonshine x Killa Queen female for flavor and a [G-13/Black widow ] x Firecracker male to bulk up the yields. The Killian father is my Killa Queen crossed to a male NYC Diesel. Killian has a strong sativa dom stone with a sweet mandarin/grapefruit flavor.

The resulting Toxic Blue is an excellent yielder with berry tasting buds and a strong balanced stone. She's great for SoG but if mold might be a problem you should top and leave 4-6 branches. Left un-topped she gets a long main cola with fairly dense buds but not rock hard.

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