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Smell: Strong, potent. This stuff reeks.

Taste: Recognizably diesel but depends on phenotype.

Potency: High

AKA super silver deisel

Indica/Sativa: It has a 6:4 ratio of Indica to Sativa in terms of lineage, however the stabilized versions are pretty 50/50.

The lineage of Sour Diesel might only be known 100% by a handful of people but it is most commonly believed to be the result of an accidental crossing of a Skunk strain with an original Diesel strain (Chemdawg x Northern Lights). This accidental pollination resulted in a handful of seeds that became known as the Sour Diesel phenotypes. Due to this, for many years Sour Diesel has been a strain that can exhibit a wide variety of traits. No original seeds from the original Sour Diesel mother exist and it was originally only available in clone form. Breeders selecting males with traits similar to the mother have been able to back-cross with certain phenotypes and produce mostly stable inbred lines labeled today as Sour Diesel.  Sour Diesel is directly related to another popular strain: OG Kush.  Both came out of crosses that oiriginated from a bag of cannabis purchased in the 1990's at a Grateful Dead concert.

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