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Associated Press: Under Clinton's healthcare plan 9 million more people would be covered. Trump's plan would lose 20 million. And: Canadian single payer healthcare cost is one half of U.S. cost per person. And: Republicans for Single-Payer.>> Still true.>> Cannabis is safer and cheaper. And: No medical debt in countries with single-payer. And: Inside big pharma's fight to block recreational marijuana.
Make America Grope Again

Running list. [24].

2016 marijuana map of USA before election

2016 election.

Vote cannabis

Cannabis is safer.

And: Republican Doctors Less Likely to Recommend Medical Marijuana. And: Wages, weed and wind divide Vermont candidates. And: Turkey legalizes cannabis production in 19 provinces. [108].

Running List Of Women Who’ve Accused Trump Of Sexual Assault. 2.3.

Marijuana Legalization Brings Massive Drop In Arrests, No Increase In Youth Use Or Traffic Fatalities. And: Where is marijuana legalized? Map of U.S. marijuana laws by state. Upcoming votes too. [109]. And: East Lansing, Michigan OKs pot smoking, possession of small quantities. And: Police arrest more people for marijuana use than for all violent crimes combined.

Robert De Niro Unloads On Donald Trump With (Almost) Every Insult Under The Sun. 2. Trump Denied Ever Sexually Abusing Anyone. Plenty Of Women Say Otherwise.

Marijuana on ballot in 2016. And: Register and VOTE!

Trump tax plan good for the rich, explodes US debt. And: True: Trump’s plan would significantly raise taxes on middle class. 234. And: 3.5 million jobs would disappear under Trump tax plan. Clinton plan would create 3.2 million.

Minimum wage on the ballot - Ballotpedia. And: These states will vote on increasing the minimum wage. And: Remember How Republicans Like Trump Said Minimum Wage Increases Hurt The Economy And Cost Jobs? They're wrong. Trump video: "I would not raise the minimum wage." Flip flops. And: Wikipedia: List of minimum wages by country. [110].

Government Health Plans Spent Over $1 Billion on EpiPens Over 5 Years. And: Senate bill: Safe and Affordable Drugs from Canada Act. Much cheaper under single-payer healthcare.

Maine Republican: Don’t Raise Minimum Wage, Because Workers Will Just Spend It On Drugs.

Republicans in Congress Won’t Let Veterans Access Medical Marijuana After All. And: Great video. Lives are being destroyed by the war on drugs. Democrat Gavin Newsom. And: Gary Johnson Is a Moron (And If You Vote For Him, You Are Too). And: Gary Johnson opposes the federal minimum wage. As governor he vetoed an increase. And: Colorado. Vote “yes": Opposition to minimum-wage increase is stuck in the past. </div>

Seattle 2012 Hempfest

2012 Seattle Hempfest

Seattle 2011 Hempfest 4

2011 Seattle Hempfest

Seattle 2011 Hempfest

2011 Seattle Hempfest

Seattle 2011 Hempfest 2

2011 Seattle Hempfest

Seattle 2011 May 14 GMM Washington

2011 Global Marijuana March.

Seattle 2011 May 14 GMM Washington 2

2011 GMM.

Seattle 2010 Hempfest

2010 Seattle Hempfest

Seattle 2010 GMM

2010 Global Marijuana March.

Seattle 2009 Hempfest

2009 Seattle Hempfest

Seattle 2009 Hempfest 2

2009 Seattle Hempfest

Seattle 2009 GMM

2009 Global Marijuana March.

Seattle 2009 Hempfest map

2009 Seattle Hempfest map

Seattle 2008 Hempfest

2008 Seattle Hempfest

Seattle 2008 Hempfest 2

2008 Seattle Hempfest

Seattle 2007 Hempfest

2007 Seattle Hempfest

Seattle 2007 Hempfest 2

2007 Seattle Hempfest

Seattle 2007 Hempfest 3

2007 Seattle Hempfest

Seattle 2006 Hempfest

2006 Seattle Hempfest

Seattle 2006 Hempfest 2

2006 Seattle Hempfest

Seattle 2006 Hempfest benefit

2006 Seattle Hempfest benefit

Seattle 2003 Hempfest

2003 Seattle Hempfest

Seattle 2003 Hempfest 2

2003 Seattle Hempfest

Seattle 2002 Hempfest

2002 Seattle Hempfest

Seattle 2001 Hempfest

2001 Seattle Hempfest

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Search for marijuana march videos. And more.
2016, 2015 Global Marijuana March. Crowd photos. Facebook

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Global Marijuana March Edit

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GMM (years signed up). This city participated or signed up one year (or more) for the Global Marijuana March (GMM), or the Million Marijuana March (MMM). 225 cities from 42 nations signed up for May 4, 2013 or thereabouts.175 cities from 33 nations signed up for May 5, 2012 or thereabouts. See also: 4/20 event lists. 872 different cities have signed up from 80 different nations since 1999.

2016, 2015 Global Marijuana March. Crowd photos. Facebook
 Right-click any region for its city list.
United StatesUnited StatesCanadaEuropeEuropeAsiaLatin AmericaAfricaOceaniaMap
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Dove cannabis earthCures not warsHerbie Global Marijuana March animated

2013 Edit

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See 2013 Global Marijuana March map.

April 20:

2012 Edit

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August 17-19:

2011 Edit

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See Global Marijuana March 2011 map.

GMM, May 14:

Cannabis Freedom March 2011.
Seattle, Washington. May 14 at 11:00am.
Rally and March from volunteer park to westlake center.
Live music, speakers, and activism in motion.
email: cannabisfreedommarch(at) or call 206 618 6458 for more info.
Will update and add poster design soon!
Follow us:

Seattle Hempfest, August 19-21:

2010 Edit

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See Global Marijuana March 2010 map.

Seattle: Info # (206)618-6458. Greg West xwestg0(at) (206)547-1491 or Melissa Hyson hempgirlseattle(at) (253)310-3086. Seattle Marijuana Liberation March, Attn: C. Carter, PO Box 85553, Seattle WA 98145.

GMM. May 1, 2010:

Seattle Hempfest. August 21-22, 2010:

2009 Edit

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See GMM 2009, and archive, 2.

Seattle: DeMaris Strohm-Hughes woimly(at) 206-293-2439 or Joanna McKee 206-762-0630 Green Cross, 8843 10th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98106.

GMM. May 2, 2009:

Seattle Hempfest. August 15-16, 2009:

2008 Edit

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See 2008 GMM, and archive, 2.

Seattle GMM: Joanna McKee 206-762-0630 Green Cross, 8843 10th Ave SW, Seattle, WA 98106 or Zeb 425-761-12222228763

GMM. May 3, 2008:

Seattle Marijuana Liberation March 0803:51

Seattle Marijuana Liberation March 08

2008 Global Marijuana March in Seattle. May 3. Video of the 2008 march from Volunteer Park to rally at Westlake Park. Speech by Vivian McPeak. Youtube link.

Sister VixXxen of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence03:07

Sister VixXxen of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence

2008 Global Marijuana March in Seattle. May 3.
Sister VixXxen of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. Youtube link.

Hempfest. August 16-17 2008:

2007 Edit

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Seattle Hempfest 2007:

Seattle Hempfest 2007. Charlie Drown 088A

Charlie Drown performs on Share Parker Main Stage, Seattle Hempfest, August 19, 2007. In foreground here, her bassist Lizzie D (Lizzie Daymont). Note: Click on the image to enlarge it, and for more info.

2002 Edit

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Seattle Hempfest. August 17-18, 2002:

2001 Edit

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Seattle Hempfest. August 18-19, 2001:

  • NORML report. "A total crowd estimated at 150,000." Also, Woody Harrelson was a surprise speaker. NORML reported:
Harrelson, who took the main stage to speak at 4:20 pm on Sunday to chants from the crowd of "Woody, Woody," began by acknowledging the cultural significance of the time. "It's now officially 4:20," he said. "If you folks need to do something now, just go ahead." He added, "I recently decided to stop smoking." When the groans from the crowd subsided, he finished by adding, "but I thought more about it and decided I didn't want to be a quitter!" Harrelson, who has long advocated the use of industrial hemp, more recently has broadened his goals to include an end to marijuana prohibition altogether.
  • Video: - Description: "Chris Conrad and Vivian McPeak speak over scenes from 2001 Hempfest, as 150,000 happy souls gathered over two days to celebrate the Cannabis Hemp culture. Then Woody Harrelson, actor and activist, appears for 4:20. Woody attained HempsterHood in 1996 after being arrested for planting industrial hemp seeds in Kentucky. He was defended at trial by former KY Gov. Louie Nunn(R)."
  • Report, photo:

2000 Edit

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See Global Marijuana March 2000 map.

MMM. May 2000:

Seattle Hempfest. August 20, 2000:

1999 Edit

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See Global Marijuana March 1999 map.

MMM. May 1, 1999:

Seattle Hempfest. August 22, 1999:

1998 Edit

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Seattle Hempfest. August 23, 1998:

1997 Edit

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Seattle Hempfest. August 24, 1997:

1994 Edit

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Seattle Hempfest. August 14, 1994:

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Cannabis is safer Edit

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See longer article: Cannabis is safer.

Mitt Romney in July 2012 in New Hampshire 2

Obama on medical marijuana and drugs
Above quote is from Sanjay Gupta interview of Obama on April 15, 2015. Interview aired on CNN on April 19, 2015. [118][119][120].

U.S. incarceration timeline 4

Obama helping turn around the Reagan-Bush War on Pot, mandatory minimums, and mass incarceration. See: US incarceration peaked in 2008.

Obama alone can not reschedule it Edit

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See main article: Obama alone can not reschedule marijuana.

Obama alone can not reschedule marijuana. [124] [125][126][127]. Since HHS (Health and Human Services) and the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) have again declined to reschedule or deschedule cannabis, then only Congress can do so.

Pot Matters: For Legalization, Set Your Sights on the Senate. 23 Mar 2016. By Jon Gettman. "it will be helpful, and indeed crucial, for advancing legalization for Democrats to take control of the Senate."

2016 election and marches Edit

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See public opinion polls over time about cannabis.

2016 Global Marijuana March and 420 events. Public opinion wins elections. So get out and march!

Register and vote for cannabis in 2016.
Republicans are busy filing retrograde drug bills across the land. Republicans want to put a conservative drug warrior on the Supreme Court to replace Antonin Scalia, and to reinvigorate their drug war. Supreme Court rejects conservative challenge to Colorado marijuana law from Republican states. 2.

USA Today: 11 states least likely to legalize marijuana. Republican states across the nation.

Marijuana in the South: A State-by-State Guide. Republicans created a THC-free south.

Drug-war mass incarceration Edit

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America&#039;s mass incarceration
See: Drug war causes high U.S. incarceration rate. And: Drug War, mandatory minimum sentencing, handguns. And: US incarceration peaked in 2008. And: Number of marijuana prisoners in the USA. And: List of countries and U.S. states by incarceration rate.
See articles: Cannabis prisoners and Drug war cost charts, infographics..
The majority of people incarcerated in prisons and jails in the USA are in due to drug-related offenses, crimes to get money for drugs, or drug-related parole or probation violations. Wikipedia: Drug-related crime. The number of inmates in the USA has increased almost 5 times over since 1980. The USA has the highest incarceration rate of any nation b c (except for the tiny country of the Seychelles). Compare incarceration rates worldwide. The cost of the U.S. drug war is at least 1.5 trillion dollars. Cannabis is safer! Share link.
Jail and bail. A Lot Of People Are Dying At This Understaffed Texas Jail. And: How the Money Bail System Perpetuates America’s Mass Incarceration Problem. And: Justice Department blasts ‘unconstitutional’ fixed bail schedules. Many innocent people in jail. And: Many marijuana users in jail without bail money.

Canadian single-payer healthcare and Edit

Portuguese drug decriminalization Edit

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See: Portugal. Cannabis-related links.
Canadian single-payer healthcare, and Portuguese drug decriminalization. On ballot in 2016: ColoradoCare. 2. It would cover all residents and cost less than the current system. One primary payer, and no deductibles and no co-pays. See: Business people for Single-payer Healthcare. Fed up with uncontrollable costs of U.S. healthcare. Save trillions of dollars.
  • Canada has saved trillions of dollars by eliminating the middleman, the health insurance companies.
Canada's single-payer universal healthcare costs less per person than U.S. healthcare. For more countries and charts: 6.7.. And the USA has lower average life expectancy than the OECD average (OECD = developed economies). 8.. Click chart to enlarge:
Average total healthcare spending (public and private) per person for various developed nations

Healthcare cost by nation

Green love Edit

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The Global Marijuana March is the first Saturday in May. The first Saturday in May is also World Naked Gardening Day. [128]. But, be safe!

Republicans think they can spend an infinite amount of money (many trillions of dollars) on health-insurance-company-based healthcare, and have an infinite number of babies, to feed their appetite for endless ground wars, and for more inmates for more prisons for more drug war.
Population milestones
Green love
As with cannabis legalization Colorado leads the way.. More info. 2.3..
Colorado birth control
Facebook comments.

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