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Breeder: Mr. Soul

The Princess is a Jack Herer, found in a bag of weed in Amsterdam by Mr Soul.

Mr.Soul: "I bought a 2 gram bag of Jack Herer buds (1996 Cannabis Cup winner) in Amsterdam at "Sensi Smile" coffee shop on Achterburghwal straat. The buds were supposed to be sinsemilla (without seed), but I was pleasantly surprised to find about a dozen seeds in the bud. I found the high to be cerebral and energetic, but not too long lasting; the buds appeared almost white due to resin coating. Of the 6 seeds I attempted to germinate, every one was successful and I got a 50% male/female ratio."

The progression I went through was:

  • Princess (Jack Herer) x (Shiva Skunk x Princess' brother) = Princess "50"
    • Princess x Princess "50" = Princess 75
      • Princess x Princess "75" = Cinderella 88
        • Princess x Cinderella 88 = Cinderella 99

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