Galleries versus slideshows. See Helpwiki:Galleries and slideshows/wikitext and Community: Forum: Gallery Slider Question. Note that all 3 sections below use the exact same wikitext for the images and captions. What makes them different is the outer gallery or slideshow wikitext. The Show-Hide box also has some outer wikitext.

Gallery versus slideshow wikitext:

<gallery widths=450 hideaddbutton=true>

<gallery type=slideshow widths=700 hideaddbutton=true>

Gallery in show-hide box

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See Template:Global Marijuana March photo gallery box for the latest version of this. See pages that use the template.


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Use the arrows on the right or left to move fast through the images.


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Click the images below to enlarge them, and for more info. See also: Category: Global Marijuana March. Featured crowd photos.


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