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Most of these rich-text editor (RTE) problems do not occur with Internet Explorer. The RTE editor is also called the visual editor.

Some of these problems may have been fixed since this was written. There may be other problems.

The edit window is too narrow for some pages with the sidebar. The edit window uses a horizontal scroll bar. It occurs on pages with wider images, even though the images are not too wide for the content space. For example; on the New York City page.

The image is in the 2007 section. Changing editing preferences for number of columns does not seem to effect the width of the edit window.

Another problem is that selected material stays selected even when clicking inside the selected material. The only way to get rid of the blue highlighting is to click elsewhere outside that paragraph.

RTE pasting

When clicking at the end of existing material in order to attempt to paste in something it often occurs that the material is selected even though no attempt has been specifically made to select it. Of course, if then one right-clicks and pastes in something it replaces the material.

No amount of clicking within the selected material removes the selection background (blue). The only way to then get rid of the blue highlighting is to click elsewhere outside that paragraph.

If one starts again before anything gets selected, and if one is very careful and deliberate one can click and right paste. But only if the blinking cursor does not change into an arrow. It is weird and inconsistent.

This makes no sense: "Because of your browser security settings, the editor is not able to access your clipboard data directly. You are required to paste it again in this window."

These problems do not occur when pasting in stuff in Google Mail or Yahoo Mail edit windows; nor in Wikipedia edit windows.

After previewing an edit there is no longer a direct link at the top of the page back to the original page. The "back to page" link effectively disappears after clicking the preview button. When one clicks on a page to edit it one can not get back to the original page easily except by using the back button.

At one point the link back to the page is at the top of the page, and then after doing a preview it is buried near the bottom of the page. Many people will not think to look for it there since it wasn't there before. In Wikipedia the link back to the page remains at the top of the page.

This is a serious problem when doing multiple previews, especially problematic when editing long pages. If one does multiple previews, as people often do, then it is difficult to get back to the original page. Many people will keep clicking the back button. This discourages editing.

When one starts a new line with the enter key it creates a large space between the 2 lines. Shift-enter does not help.

One can't right-click and copy material. Instructions in the popup say to use keyboard commands. RTE copying

Few people will like this. The edit menu in the browser is easier, but is not mentioned in the popup. The best thing, of course, would be a properly working right-click and copy, as in Google Mail or Yahoo Mail edit windows, or in Wikipedia edit windows.

In RTE mode one can't get rid of the indent in forums once it is started. See: Community Central Forum.

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