Breeder: Paradise Seeds
Genetics: Mostly Sativa (US Haze-Cross x Ingemar's Master Widow)
Suitable environment: Indoors, outdoors between 50 NL and 50 S
Vegetative stage: 4 weeks (incl. germination)
Flowering time: 8-9 weeks, in general 60-65 days
Height: 80-90 cm
Yield: 23-28 grams per plant. Up to 500 g per m2 in SOG indoors
THC: 18-20%

Taking a close look at Nebula's genetics reveals its secret of success: She is composed of a fruity sweet US Haze-dominated genetic line and the spicy Master Widow, a White Widow cross in the 13th generation (at that time) developed by Dutch seed breeder Ingemar. This fine mostly Sativa genetic lineage represents a perfect synthesis of both parents, Nebula tends to have that trade mark white appearance of the White Widow family combined with the fruity sweetness and soaring high of the Sativa parent.

A very fast effect onset is followed by a long-lasting cerebral sativa high, accompanied with a certain degree of Indica stonedness after some time - Sativa & Indica at their best. Some people even describe Nebula's high as trippy or psychedelic.

1999 Third place winner of the Sativa Cup in High Times Cannabis Cup competition.
2005 Second place winner of the Sativa Cup in High Times Cannabis Cup competition.

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