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Breeder: No Mercy
Location: indoor, outdoor
Type: Indica dominant hybrid
Genetics: Master Ice x Valley Queen
Flowering: ~56 days

No Mercy proudly presents a crossing between a Master Ice and a Valley Queen, we call her Ice Queen!

The Valley Queen is by far the strongest plant we've encountered in years! It's an Everest Queen which we crossed with a Silver Pearl ...

The Master Ice has become a famous one. It`s an extremely fast-growing plant, that is not sensitive to molds and does produce a LOT of resin... (For the insiders: Mind Bender x Northern Light Xtra.)

Absolutely a top-quality weed ... No paranoia, no stress ... Just an honest high.

About 8 weeks of flowering... and you`re done!

A little bit more fertilizing in respect to the common species is necessary!

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