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See: More news. Archive. News sources. Facebook: Global Marijuana March [8][9][10]. Hashtags: [11][12][13]. Twitter: [14][15][16].

Bermuda. House of Assembly: cannabis decriminalisation passes. To Senate next. And: Jeff Sessions Is Being Sued By 12-Year-Old Girl (Alexis Bortell) Over Department of Justice Medical Marijuana Policy. “I’d say it’s a lot better than brain surgery.” Alexis Bortell wins "Most Influential Individual 2017!" - Video. [17][18].


2018 march

Global Marijuana March animated

Obamacare sign-ups defy Trump’s sabotage campaign, but “the window is closing” Dec. 15. Many plans are free. Some states have later deadlines. [19]. And: Marijuana in Indiana: Battle lines drawn for 2018 legislative session. Veterans versus prosecutors.
Paraguay About to Legalize Medicinal Marijuana. And: Jeff Sessions spars with DOJ interns over marijuana, police violence in newly leaked video. [20]. And: Canada. Conservative Alberta representative says pot legalization could lead to communist revolution.
"$5.6 trillion" for endless Mideast wars that started with Bush and CIA WMD lies about Iraq. [21][22]. Interstate Highway System cost $526 billion in 2016 dollars. And: Landing a human on the moon cost $221 billion. And: Marijuana may hold promise in treating veterans with PTSD. [23].

Trillion-dollar Cost of Republican-led U.S. drug war. And: Its racist application. [24][25].

Trenton 2017 June. New Jersey. The plant is winning

"After a 40 year trillion dollar war against a plant, The Plant Is Winning". Trenton, New Jersey.

Will 2018 midterm elections remove Republicans? 2018 ballot issues: marijuana & minimum wage.
Republican tax bill hurts the poor more than originally thought, Congressional Budget Office finds. "By 2019, Americans earning less than $30,000 a year would be worse off under the Senate bill, CBO found. By 2021, Americans earning $40,000 or less would be net losers, and by 2027, most people earning less than $75,000 a year would be worse off. On the flip side, millionaires and those earning $100,000 to $500,000 would be big beneficiaries".
2 polls: Only 29% of Americans approve of Republican tax plan. 2.
Dove cannabis earth 4

2018 Global Marijuana March and 4/20 events.

Canada. Federal marijuana legislation clears House of Commons, headed for the Senate. [26]. And: Africa. Good News: Congo Is Ditching Conflict Metals For Cannabis. And: Will Attorney General Jeff Sessions end medical marijuana for all US states in December 2017? And: 10,000 people died waiting for a disability decision in the past year. Will he be next?

Evolving Republican tax plan. By 2027, Americans earning $75,000 a year and below would, as a group, see their taxes increase. New York Times. [27]. And: Canada. How the provinces are planning for pot legalization by July 2018. And: As Canada prepares for legal pot, ex-cops get into the business. [28]. And: Video. USA. 3 months behind bars for sexual assault/rape, versus 21 years behind bars for marijuana. [29]. And: Robert Reich: The Poor Are Being Barred From Voting. And That’s Unconstitutional. And: CBD cannabis oil use in the UK doubles in a YEAR. And: Veterans Being Denied Medical Cannabis Are Crushed By Pills, PTSD, And Suicide. And: “It’s Time:” Effort to Legalize Recreational Marijuana in North Dakota Underway. And: Maryland Man Gets 20 Years for 6 Grams of Marijuana. And: Wisconsin Legislature Unanimously Approves Industrial Hemp Bill. And: Video. This is how fast Cannabis can stop a seizure!!
Bernie Sanders CHART. Households making over $1 million will get almost 40% of the benefits from the Republican tax plan, while households making under $50,000 will get less than 1% of the benefits. And: The middle class will actually end up paying even more in taxes.

5 years ago, November 6, 2012, Colorado and Washington legalized marijuana

2012, the year the Republicans lost the trillion-dollar Cannabis War. They don't know it yet, so be sure they get the message in the 2018 midterm elections. Facebook comments.

Marijuana Won Big in the November U.S. Elections. [30]. And: Maine voters expand Medicaid to 70,000 low-income people under Obamacare. [31]. And: Indiana prosecutors pushing against medical marijuana. And: Breaking News: Jeff Sessions to Stand Trial in Cannabis De-Scheduling. [32][33]. And: Viral video on racial profiling. And: Cannabis smokers shouldn’t go to jail. New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. And: Pro-Marijuana Legalization Democrat Phil Murphy Wins New Jersey Governor Race. [34]. And: 7 reasons why the future has arrived in the Netherlands.
Maine's Republican governor vetoes voter-approved bill to legalize the sale of recreational marijuana. [35]

Universal health coverage. Not a radical idea

Time For Single-Payer Healthcare.

USA spent $3.1 trillion on healthcare in 2015. 2. Canada spent half as much per person, and got better health outcomes. Polls show Americans want single payer, and $1.5 trillion saved yearly.
Country Life expectancy (years). 2015 Under-five infant mortality rate per 1000 live births. 2015 Maternal mortality rate per 100,000 live births. 2015 Per capita expenditure on health (USD - PPP). Public and private costs. 2015 Healthcare costs as a percent of GDP. 2015 % of health costs paid by government. 2014
Chart [36] [37] [38][39][40] [41] [42][43] [44]
Australia 82.8 3.8 5.5 $4,420 9.3 67.0
Canada 82.2 4.9 7.3 $4,608 10.1 70.9
France 82.4 4.3 7.8 $4,407 11.0 78.2
Germany 81.0 3.7 9.0 $5,267 11.1 77.0
Japan 83.7 2.7 6.4 $4,149 11.2 83.6
Sweden 82.4 3.0 4.4 $5,227 11.1 84.0
UK 81.2 4.2 9.2 $4,003 9.8 83.1
USA 79.3 6.5 26.4 $9,451 16.9 48.3
Videos exposing Republican myths about Canadian healthcare: [45][46][47][48][49][50][51][52][53][54][55][56][57][58][59][60][61][62][63][64][65][66][67]
Gerrymandering. How to steal an election

In 2014: 8 of the 10 most gerrymandered districts in the USA were drawn by Republicans.

German Parties Consider Sale Of Recreational Marijuana In Pharmacies Or Dispensaries. [68]. And: Marchers in Kiev, Ukraine call for legalization of cannabis (PHOTOS).
Trump’s Obamacare sabotage accidentally resulted in more free health plans. Open enrollment is Nov. 1 to Dec. 15, 2017. And: Smoking Marijuana Causes ‘Complete Remission’ of Crohn’s Disease for some, No Side Effects, New Study Shows. And: Using cannabis in place of anxiety meds.

Kelsey Pierce stopped by OKCPD Officer J09:39

Kelsey Pierce stopped by OKCPD Officer J. Herlihy, 10-19-17

Americans Support Legalizing Marijuana in Record-High Numbers: October 2017 Poll. 2. And: Oklahoma City police officer handcuffs woman for riding a bike and handing him her ID. [69]. "throwing stuff at me. You handed the ID card to me like you wanted to use it as a weapon and throw it at me.” Body cam shows otherwise. Audio starts at 30 seconds in.
80% of Republican tax cuts would go to the top 1%. See chart in Bernie Sanders Facebook post. And: Will Illinois legalize recreational marijuana? Most Democrat candidates for governor support it. And: Legalize marijuana in New Jersey? Your choice for governor on Nov. 7, 2017 will determine that. (Democrat versus Republican). [70].

Pro-Legalization Congressman To Target Anti-Cannabis Lawmakers. [71].

Marijuana is safer than pharma

Cannabis is Safer.

Peru legalises medical marijuana in move spurred by mother's home lab. 2. And: Canada. Airport security stops calling police on passengers carrying prescription pot. And: Legal marijuana is saving lives in Colorado, study finds. Opioid-related deaths fell 6.5% after recreational marijuana legalized. [72]. And: Former Mexican President Imagines Future Where Legal Weed Is an Internationally Traded Cash Crop.

The Trump tax plan would make the rich richer. An Open Letter to Apple CEO Mr. Tim Cook from 131 organizations to immediately remove numerous apps that are promoting war on drugs in the Philippines that has killed 13,000 people. [73]. And: Now you can add a marijuana degree to your higher education. [74] .And: 29 states have legal pot. Jeff Sessions wants to stamp it out, and he's closer than you think. [75]. And: Police brutality. Cop who forcibly arrested nurse for refusing to draw blood is fired. Previously disciplined for sexual harassment. And: 8 things Trump's done to hurt women and girls since taking office. [76][77][78]. And: London, UK: MPs join medical marijuana protest outside Parliament. And: Canadian Doctors Explain Universal Health Care. A video. [79][80]. And: Why Dr. Oz Thinks Medical Marijuana Can Solve The Opioid Crisis. [81][82][83][84][85][86].
NRA history of mandatory minimum sentencing and drug war. Atlanta, Georgia decriminalizes marijuana. [87]. And Youtube: Tom Petty music video - You Don't Know How It Feels. "let's roll another joint." [88][89]. And: 80 Years Ago This Week, Federal Marijuana Prohibition Began With These Arrests. And: Federal Court Ruling a Huge Victory for Cannabis Business Owners. And: Costly medical marijuana pushes patients to street sales. And: Portugal treats addiction as a disease, not a crime.

Drugs involved in U.S. overdose deaths, 2000 to 2016

Drugs involved in U.S. overdose deaths, 2000 to 2016. Compare to peak HIV-AIDS deaths: [1][2].

Two Chicago cops take a knee

Two Chicago cops take a knee.

Why the decriminalisation of marijuana is a civil rights cause. Al Sharpton. [90]. And: Harris County, Texas DA Stops Prosecuting Drug Cases Involving Minuscule Amounts. And: Chicago cops to be punished for ‘taking a knee’ in protest against police brutality. And: America’s opioid problem is so bad it’s cutting into U.S. life expectancy. And: Big Pharma Losing Grip as Study Shows Nearly 100% of Cannabis Users Give Up Rx Pain Meds. And: Iceland Gets Cooler with Proposal to Legalize Cannabis. [91].

Lesotho. This Tiny Nation Just Became Africa’s Medical Cannabis Leader. [92]. And: 41 States To Investigate Pharmaceutical Companies Over Opioids. And: Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte orders police to kill eldest son if 'rumours' are true. And: Pennsylvania Democratic Party Adopts Marijuana Legalization Into Policy Platform. And: New Study Finds Legal Cannabis Equals Fewer Pharmaceuticals. And: “I’m not a criminal:” Indiana man criminally charged for possessing CBD oil. And: Federal drug agency asks Rhode Island for medical marijuana patient data. And: British Columbia may not follow Ontario’s pot distribution system: Premier Horgan.

Country Life expectancy Infant mortality rate Healthcare cost per person (2). (US dollars. PPP)
Canada 82.2 years.(2) 4.9 per 1000 births. $4,608 in 2015. Public and private costs.
USA 79.3 years.(2) 6.5 per 1000 births. $9,451 in 2015. Public and private costs.

Why Are Opioid Painkillers Legal But Marijuana Isn't? And: Federal government knew cannabis cured epilepsy over 60 years ago and still made it a Schedule 1 drug. And: Sheriffs Say Marijuana Legalization Should Be Overturned Because It Makes Them Uncomfortable. Colorado.

Bernie Sanders on marijuana and Wall Street
The dam is breaking on Democrats’ embrace of single-payer.

Bernie Sanders Is the Most Popular Politician in America, Poll Says. See Bernie on Colbert's Show [93]. And: LA Times editorial board: Trump and Sessions are ignoring voters' overwhelming support for medical marijuana. Will Congress listen? [94]. See: Temporary reprieve. [95]. Global Marijuana March. May 5, 2018. Global mass insurrection against Republican-led mass incarceration. And: Hooked, hoodwinked: Some drug rehabs aim for relapse and money. And: ‘Return my bong’: Ontario man protests in underwear outside courthouses, police stations. And: Oral, saliva, and urine measurement of THC intoxication level is not feasible, study concludes.
Green gold: how China quietly grew into a cannabis superpower. Half of world's hemp cultivation.

Anti-Drug Philippine President Duterte’s Son Accused in $125-Million Drug Shipment. [96]. And: Philippines. Duterte faces nationwide revolt over drugs war after killing of schoolboy sparks outrage. And: Philippines’ Catholic Church sounds alarm amid Duterte’s deadly anti-drug crackdown. [97]

India issues its first-ever license to grow medicinal cannabis for research purposes. 2nd Most Populated Country. And: Utah Launches Medical Cannabis Signature Drive for November 2018 ballot issue. And: Federal judge blocks prosecution of Northern California pot growers. Jeff Sessions opposes restrictions. And: Federal Judge Rules Medical Marijuana Patient Can Sue For Being Denied Job Over Failed Drug Test. And: Justice Department (Jeff Sessions) Shuts Down Marijuana Research At DEA.

"They can move in and out of any software still hardwired to their system. That means that anyone we haven't unplugged is potentially an agent. Inside the matrix, they are everyone and they are no one." Morpheus. [98].

The racist Matrix

See Matrix video.

Matrix woman in red dress 720p full00:46

Matrix woman in red dress 720p full

Lexington, Kentucky mayor announces all Confederate statues are coming down because of Charlottesville. And: Philippines newspaper. "Marijuana as Medicine" on front page. And: Heather Heyer, the woman killed in Virginia was destined to be face of change, mom says. [99]. And: Indiana lawmaker pushes for medical marijuana to curb opioid epidemic. His fellow Republicans are the ones likely to block him. Here are the Confederate memorials that will be removed after Charlottesville. [100][101][102][103][104][105].

Dear America, universal health care is what real freedom looks like. USA Today. And: IT COSTS LESS. [106][107]. And: In Portugal, Drug Use Is Treated As A Medical Issue, Not A Crime. NPR. CBC. [108][109][110][111][112]. And: 90% of drug control money is spent on health care, just 10% on police enforcement.
Will 2018 midterm elections remove Republicans? 2018 ballot issues: marijuana & minimum wage.

Hours per week at minimum wage to rent a one-bedroom apartment

Source [3][4]. Bernie Sanders.

Single payer will save money

List of countries by total health expenditure per capita.

Illinois Is Officially The 21st State To Decriminalize Weed. And: India. The people of Mumbai (also known as Bombay) talk about marijuana. Youtube.

Poll. Voters support single payer Medicare-for-all 51 - 38 percent. As do doctors. And: List of countries by total health expenditure per capita. Click any year to sort highest to lowest cost per person. See: Australian single payer.

Here's what happened when a Republican senator challenged a Canadian doctor on their single-payer health care system. Bernie Sanders videos. Canadian MSNBC anchor versus Republican congressman.

Since decriminalizing all drugs in 2001, Portugal's overdose rate has decreased by ~75% and now has one of the lowest overdose rates in all of Europe. [113][114][115]. Overdose death rates by country. [116][117].

Drug induced deaths per million population, ages 15-64. By country

Medicare for ALL. Medicare spends less than 2 percent on bureaucracy. 1.4% to be exact. And: Nearly a third of our health care dollars go to something other than health care. And: Universal healthcare and drug war.

Medicare means waste less money on bureaucracy

Senator Cory Booker Debuts ‘Marijuana Justice Act’ to Legalize Cannabis, & support racial justice. [119][120].

Marijuana was the secret to ending this woman's heroin addiction

Her mom said "Why don't you just smoke some weed?"

Cigarette box warnings in Australia

Cigarette box warnings in Australia. Tobacco causes one in ten deaths globally. [5]

2017 June 22. Healthcare protest at office of Senator Mitch McConnell

June 22, 2017. Healthcare protest at office of Senator Mitch McConnell.

Big Pharma CEO pay versus median income. PNHP

Big Pharma CEO pay. [6].

Massachusetts governor signs bill to allow recreational pot. [121]. Marijuana should be legalised in India for medical purposes: Maneka Gandhi And: Trump Said Sacks Of Drugs Are Falling On Peoples’ Heads. A Congressman’s Response Is Perfect. And: Landmark Study Shows Legal Marijuana Sales Reduce Crime. And: Why Are So Many People Dying from Opiate Overdoses? It's Our Broken Society. Absurdly low minimum wage too..
USA. National Public Radio parrots minimum wage lies. [122]. And: $750,000 settlement after woman dies after going through heroin withdrawal in Mason County, Kentucky jail. And: Washington state distracted driving law starts July 23. And: Medicaid enrollees largely satisfied with the health care they receive. [123]. And: Marijuana was the secret to ending this woman's addiction to heroin. Video. [124]. And: Philip Morris: Tobacco giant ordered to compensate Australia. And: Trump-supporting sheriff in Butler County, Ohio (heart of opioid epidemic): My deputies won't use Narcan. [125]. And: Jeff Sessions: Anti-Weed Crusader Received Big Money From Big Tobacco. And: American Media Silent After UN Just Called for Decriminalizing Drug Use Worldwide.
Greece legalises marijuana for medical purposes. That makes 6 EU countries. [126]. And: District of Cannabis. It’s summer, and Washington DC smells like weed. Everywhere, all the time. And: Missouri Republicans Lower St. Louis Minimum Wage From $10 To $7.70. And: Lobbyists Have Pushed for a Big Pharma Monopoly on CBD. And: United Nations and World Health Organisation call for drugs to be decriminalised. [127].

20 million more uninsured = 20,000+ more deaths yearly. [128]. And: Politifact: Bernie Sanders' projection of 'thousands' of deaths from lost health coverage is well-supported. June 27, 2017. See article sidebar for many sources. [129][130][131][132][133][134]. And: Politifact: Paul Ryan wrong that most of the 22 million uninsured would be uninsured by choice. [135]. And: 17 Charts and Figures that show the US is not as developed as you’d think. America is not great. [136]. And: 93% of Patients Prefer Cannabis Over Opioids For Managing Pain, According to New Study. And: Medicaid Could Have Saved $1 Billion If Medical Marijuana Was Legalized nationwide. And: How Big Tobacco-style marketing propels U.S. opioid crisis — and powers $400 billion pharma industry. [137][138][139][140].
Nevada becomes 5th state to legalise marijuana for recreational use. [141]. And: Catalonia region of Spain legalises marijuana consumption, cultivation, and distribution. And: 43 arrested. Blood on the floor. Protester: Mitch McConnell Thinks Disabled Americans Are ‘Better Off Dead’. [142][143]. And: Bernie Sanders Slams ‘Moral Outrage’ Of Trumpcare At Pittsburgh Rally. $500 billion in tax breaks to the top two percent. [144]. And: Marijuana legalization doesn't lead to more fatal car crashes. American Journal of Public Health. And: The GOP Health Care Bill Will Doom Millions Of People Struggling With Addiction. And: Healthcare groups issue scathing criticism of Senate bill. Trumpcare 4.0. [145]. And: Do We Really Need A Middleman (private insurers) In Our Broken Health Care System? [146][147]. And: Officer who shot Philando Castile said smell of marijuana made him fear for his life. [148]. And: Brockton, Massachusetts. Firefighters agree to a drug test policy that excludes pot. And: Oklahoma voters will decide fate of medical marijuana. And: Mexico Legalizes Medical Marijuana. And: How Swiss Marijuana Reform Will Lead To Full Legalization In Europe.

Jeff Sessions KKK was OK until I learned they smoked pot

Jeff Sessions OK.

Bill Maher on slavery, Jim Crow, and drug war

Artist Projects Image Of Jeff Sessions In KKK Hood Across Department Of Justice. And: Senate introduces bill to end federal medical marijuana prohibition. [149][150]. And: Sessions asks Congress to let him prosecute medical pot shops, patients. [151]. And: Science Calls Out Jeff Sessions on Medical Marijuana and the "Historic Drug Epidemic" - Scientific American. [152]. And: This Arab country is among list of places that smoke most hash. And: Coffee, Cocoa, Cannabis: New Push to Legalize Marijuana Launched in Switzerland. And: Holy Smoke: Israel Begins Decriminalizing Cannabis. [153][154]. And: France Just Ended Prison Terms For Marijuana Use. [155][156][157][158]. And: Uruguay, the first country where you can smoke marijuana wherever you like. And: "I Was Wrong": Former Judge Treated With Cannabis Oil Regrets Having Sent People to Jail for It. And: Duterte tells troops they can RAPE women in 'joke' as he rallies soldiers battling foreign fighters in ISIS 'invasion' of besieged Philippines city. [159][160][161]
Will 2018 midterm elections remove Republicans? 2017-18 ballot issues: marijuana & minimum wage. Democratic Party, following Bernie Sanders lead, proposes bill to raise minimum wage to $15 by 2024. Republicans oppose raising federal minimum wage. [162] [163].
Trumpcare 3.0 Would Leave 23 Million More Uninsured, Budget Office Says. [164]. And: Vermont's Republican Governor Scott Vetoes Marijuana Legalization bill of Democrat legislature. And: Democrats pick up two GOP-held legislative seats, the first flips of the Trump era. And: Trump Called Rodrigo Duterte to Congratulate Him on His Murderous Drug War: “You Are Doing an Amazing Job”. [165][166]. And: California. Single-Payer Would Cost A Third of Current Health Care Costs Per Family.
Conservative morons worldwide: British Prime Minister Just Claimed Cannabis Leads To Heroin And Suicide. And: American Legion to Trump: Allow marijuana research for vets. [167]. And: Marijuana convictions go up in smoke with California legalization. And: Cannabis may help wean people off crack, study finds. And: Trump thinks health insurance costs $15 a month. And: Doctors hate Trumpcare. And: Prison healthcare, deaths. And: At heated North Dakota town hall watch a man stuff money into shirt Of GOP Congressman Who Voted To Repeal Obamacare. [168][169].
Jeff Sessions once wanted to execute pot dealers. And: Georgia Cop Decides A Sober Woman Is High On Marijuana, Jails Her. And: Criminal Charges For Georgia Police Officers punching and kicking handcuffed marijuana user in head. [170][171][172]. And: Jeff Sessions Rolls Back Obama-Era Drug Sentencing Reforms. Harsher punishments for low-level drug crimes. [173][174][175][176][177][178][179][180][181]. And: 'The Drug Whisperer': Drivers arrested while stone cold sober by dumbass Georgia cops. And: Willie Nelson to Jeff Sessions: Smoke Some Pot.

Sao Paulo 2017 May 6 Brazil crowd

Sao Paulo, Brazil. May 6, 2017.

Gigantic rally in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Global Marijuana March. May 6, 2017. Videos [182][183] Event. And: Cape Town, South Africa. Videos [184][185] Event. And: Huge joint rolls through New York City. [186][187].

Patrick Stewart

Patrick Stewart

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii

Democrat Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii.

Life expectancy versus health expenditure over time. 1970-2014

Life expectancy versus health expenditure. [7].

2017 Global Marijuana March. [188]. And: Cannabis Festivals 2017-2018 | Man, I'm hungry. | Everfest. And: World Naked Gardening Day is May 6th. Your marijuana garden needs love too Face-smile.

Poll: Bernie Sanders is most popular U.S. politician [189]. And: Bernie Sanders And Democrats Introduce A New $15 Minimum Wage Bill. And: When Trump was an independent, like Bernie Sanders, and more logical, Trump supported Single-Payer. And: Patrick Stewart Reveals He Uses Marijuana Daily To Help With Arthritis Symptoms. And: Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard Calls For Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition.
Much better healthcare in Canada, Britain, France. I had a health crisis in France. I’m here to tell you that ‘socialized medicine’ is terrific. [190][191][192][193][194]. And: Medical marijuana could save Medicaid $1 billion in prescription drug costs. [195][196]. And: West Virginia becomes 29th state to legalize medical marijuana. [197][198]. And: Republican Governor, Terry Branstad, rolls back local minimum wage increases in Iowa.

The 'unimaginable' premium hikes of Trumpcare 2.0 for people with pre-existing conditions. And: Republicans To Vote To Take Away Health Care For Those Tens of Millions. [199][200][201]. And: Poll: Trump, Democrats and Republicans all unpopular.

More Than Half of American Adults Have Tried Pot. [202]. Among current users: 14% Republicans, 43% Democrats, 42% independents. And: USA. Marijuana legalization support at all-time high. [203]. And: Smoke pot in Oregon? Your name now protected from feds. And: New Mexico's Republican governor vetoes a bill that would have allowed medical marijuana for opioid addiction. And: She also vetoed the 911 Good Samaritan Overdose Prevention Bill. And: Idaho's Republican governor vetoes a broadly-supported asset forfeiture reform bill.

Bernie Sanders To Introduce Single-Payer Health Care Bill In Senate. And: For The First Time Ever, The Federal Government Is Referring To Marijuana As Medicine. And: Bernie Sanders: Americans pay highest prices for pharmaceutical drugs in the world. And: Canada has universal health care, and higher minimum wage than USA. And: The disease killing white Americans goes way deeper than opioids. [204][205][206]. And: Trump's Health Care Plan Could Exacerbate Opioid Epidemic, But Medical Marijuana Could Help. [207][208]. And: Former premiers and Australian police chiefs call for drug decriminalisation. [209]. And: NPR: Former Drug Czar Says GOP Health Bill Would Cut Access To Addiction Treatment.

17,000 more people annually could die in 2018 if Trumpcare becomes law. 14 million more people uninsured in 2018. 24 million in 2026. 29,000 more dead annually in 2026. Single-Payer for California. Great healthcare for half the cost of Trumpcare. And: Canada: Show health card, get free care. and The $0 Alternative To Trumpcare. See chart below. USA versus top ten healthiest nations. Vancouver's top doctor to Trudeau: Decriminalize all illicit drugs, now. Using Portugal's model. [210][211]. End drug war with universal healthcare. List of countries with universal health care.

USA versus top ten healthiest countries 3

 Wikipedia country lists: Life expectancy.
 And: Total health expenditure per capita.
 Those numbers will change over time.

Quinnipiac poll: 71% oppose enforcing federal marijuana laws in states where the drug is legal. And: Canada. Human rights board orders insurer to pay medical marijuana costs in precedent-setting case [212].

Bernie Sanders wins CNN healthcare debate with Ted Cruz.
USA. The highest drug prices in the world

Source. Bernie Sanders.

No deductibles on basic Canadian health care. Co-pays are extremely low or non-existent. And: Canada passes US in middle-class wealth. Median after-tax middle-class income in Canada is higher. [213]. One reason why: Canadians pay so much less for far better healthcare.

Single-Payer Healthcare. [214]. Higher life expectancy at half the cost. And: Save $1.6 trillion out of $3.2 trillion spent on US healthcare in 2015. How?: Canadian single-payer healthcare, and Portuguese drug decriminalization and treatment. And: Save more via less incarceration. And: Prescriptions are free in Scotland, Wales, N. Ireland. Vs. USA. [215]. And: No personal medical debt in single-payer countries. And: Canada has higher minimum wage.

Repealing the Affordable Care Act will kill more than 43,000 people annually, and 30 million will lose their healthcare coverage. Physicians for a National Health Program. And: A Trump Fan Cheering Obamacare Repeal Just Found Out He’s On Obamacare. Hilarity Ensues. And: 15 charts that show how Obamacare works now — and how Republicans would overhaul it.

See: More News. And: Cannabis is safer.

Will 2018 midterm elections remove Republicans? 2018 ballot issues: marijuana & minimum wage.

USA spent $3.1 trillion on healthcare in 2015. 2. Canada spent half as much per person, and got better health outcomes. Polls show Americans want single payer, and $1.5 trillion saved yearly.
Country Life expectancy (years). 2015 Under-five infant mortality rate per 1000 live births. 2015 Maternal mortality rate per 100,000 live births. 2015 Per capita expenditure on health (USD - PPP). Public and private costs. 2015 Healthcare costs as a percent of GDP. 2015 % of health costs paid by government. 2014
Chart [216] [217] [218][219][220] [221] [222][223] [224]
Australia 82.8 3.8 5.5 $4,420 9.3 67.0
Canada 82.2 4.9 7.3 $4,608 10.1 70.9
France 82.4 4.3 7.8 $4,407 11.0 78.2
Germany 81.0 3.7 9.0 $5,267 11.1 77.0
Japan 83.7 2.7 6.4 $4,149 11.2 83.6
Sweden 82.4 3.0 4.4 $5,227 11.1 84.0
UK 81.2 4.2 9.2 $4,003 9.8 83.1
USA 79.3 6.5 26.4 $9,451 16.9 48.3
Videos exposing Republican myths about Canadian healthcare: [225][226][227][228][229][230][231][232][233][234][235][236][237][238][239][240][241][242][243][244][245][246][247]

Portugal's drug decriminalization. 2.3. It is based on single-payer, universal healthcare. 2.

2017, 2016, 2015 Global Marijuana March. Crowd photos.

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See also: Basic 2002 GMM city list, 2002 GMM graphics, and 2002 GMM map.
2002 MMM English

2002 Million Marijuana March.

2002 MMM English 2

2002 Million Marijuana March

Rosario 2002 MMM

Rosario, Argentina. 2002 MMM

199 cities signed up for the Saturday, May 4, 2002 Global Marijuana March.

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The Global Marijuana March (GMM) is also known as the Million Marijuana March (MMM). GMM events worldwide are held the first Saturday in May, or thereabouts. For many photo, video, media, and report links go to the GMM and GMM links pages.

Archives of 2002 detailed city list:

  • - Feb. 8, 2003 archive. See index by date. The linked pages are archived too. See the index for other archive dates.
  • - February 16, 2003 archive. It is archived here, too. Reports are followed by the detailed city list. The linked pages are archived too.

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Abbotsford: 604-607-1111 Tim Felger. Meet at 1 pm at Centennial park, march to courthouse at 2 pm

Albuquerque: Main NORML phone: (505)281-6277 or Rob Taylor (505) 565-4150 or Rich Haley writch(at) March starts at the corner of University and Central, ends at Roosevelt park.

Amsterdam: (main event June 1) Has cornelissen, "Has©" hashas(at) or Govert Flinckstraat 295-2, 1074 CA Amsterdam 0031(0)20-6107807 / 0031(0)6-16314682 Legalize is organizing a big benefit party for our rave. as u know our rave is in the beginning of June (8 June, not the 1st) but the benefit is during the MMM: on 4th of May!

Anchorage: Scot Dunnachie 907-278-4367 freehempinak(at) 2603 Spenard Rd, Anchorage, AK 99503

Ashland: "Amber Leiter" amleiter(at) 419-289-8810, Amber Leiter, 165 Ronald Ave. Apt. I, Ashland, Ohio 419-207-8834

Athens: John Matthews jm206299(at) 740-707-5169

Atlanta: Paul Cornwell/CAMP info(at) Ph.404-522-2267

Auckland: Chris Fowlie norml(at) ph 09 302-5255

Augusta: Roger Leisner/Radio Free Maine. rleisner04330(at)

Austin: Tracy Hayes "M5 coalition" marijuanamarch4(at) 512.693.2356, cell 512.587.8838, 900 Bouldin, Austin TX, 78704. HIGH NOON, meet at Republic Park, 4th and Guadalupe; March at 1 PM, down Congress and over to the jail house on 10th and Guadalupe for a 10 minute vigil. Then head around the Govs Mansion towards the Capitol. Rally at the Capitol 2 PM. Speakers Ann Del Llano of the ACLU, Sarah Darrouzet of Austin National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws (NORML), Brian Parrett of Hemp Advocates of Texas (HAT), Zeal Stefanoff, a veteran marijuana activist and medical marijuana patient, Joe Ptak, an environmental and free speech activist, and more.

Batesville-Oxford: 662-578-6993 Gary / NFN Enterprise nfn(at) Live: ACRE WOOD. Band starts at 4:21 PM. 1509 Orwood Rd.

Battle Creek: "Jay Statzer" jstatzer(at) 616-697-4521 Rally in Friendship Park from Noon to 6:30pm with speeches by Rene Emery-Wolfe, Kalamazoo Action Network and the Green Party. Drum Circle. Sidewalk march at 4:20 to Calhoun County Correctional Facility for treatment instead of incarceration.

Berlin: Martin Muencheberg martin(at) 0049-30-29490201

Berne: Swiss Hanf Koordination Sekretariat + 41-31-398-144 infor(at) Roman will know which Swiss cities are marching.

Birmingham: Grow More Weed Campaign, PO Box 9121, Birmingham B138AU. 01212561303. (Mark Badger) Fax: 0121 256 1302. email: growmoreweed(at)

Boca Raton: Steve Jacobsen (561)706-1670 chefjake01(at)

Bologna: mar. million march / association livello 57 ++39 051-271066m4s(at) Via Muggia #9, 40100 Bologna or

Boston: Massachusetts Cannabis Reform Coalition\NORML P.O. Box 0266, Georgetown, MA 01833-0366 781-944-2266 - - 781-779-1334 fax On May 4, in conjunction with the Million Marijuana March's Liberation Day, we will be kicking off the Public Policy Question drive in Boston and elsewhere around the state. Please register your participation as a petitioner by e-mailing Steve Epstein at plowjogger(at) For more information go to:

Boulder: Fred Smith 303-449-2390 smithmf(at) 850 17th St., Boulder, CO 80302

Braunschweig: cannabislegal(at) This is an info stall in Braunschweig distributing leaflets and other information material from a stall in a shopping area.

Bremen: Silke Tel. 0179/180 25 25 Lieder(at) Olaf 0162/77 34 576 Party-Project: 33 99 334 party(at) Main event: Sat, 4-May-2002, 12:00h at the Bahnhofsplatz, speeches at 13:00h at Goetheplatz + info stalls

Brno: Vaclav Linkov, linkov(at) Tel.: +420-737-811107

Brussels: Ottavio Marzocchi omarzocchi(at) +32-2-284-5496

Bucharest: ClauditZa clauditza_f(at) 004092195819 address: Spliff Decision, viorele street, nr 34 Bucharest, Romania or Poke 004091343202 address: piata romana, Bucharest, Romania Details: forum concert Mamaia Beach from morning with super music and the best stuff around; La Mania Disco 10pm

Buenos Aires: daihatsu missminipimer(at) or miss olga summers olgasummers(at) Nos juntaremos el 4 de mayo, 16 hs., a fumar uno en el planetario buenos aires.

Buffalo: Philip L Beavers jr./B.A.C.H BLocman420(at) 716-895-1987 or 716-578-3410 1160 E. LOVEJOY (st) buffalo 1420 or Rebecca Powell 716-353-4807. La Salle Park Stage (at) FRONT PARK. 1PM w. music by ONE WORLD TRIBE SWEATIN LIKE NIXON, LOCAL JAM BAND RUHBARBLIVE COMEDY PROFORMANCE BY JIMMILA THOMAS LIVE DJ'S MAJOR MAILFUNCTION & DJ.SHORT CIRCIUT vendors include hemp merchandise, food (also vegan), refreshments, hemp info, voter registration, jugglers, informational speakers from REconsider, B.A.C.H BUFFALO AND A SPECIAL SPEAKER TO BE ANNOUNCED to speak at 4:20 pm ADULTS ONLY

Burlington: Denny Lane / Brendan Kinney, Vermont Libertarian Party & VT-NORML dennylane(at) / chair(at) (802) 496-2387 802-496-2387 POB 537, Waitesfield, Vt 05673 or matt hogg mhogg(at) (802) 865-9410. Rally starts at 12:30 at Burlington City Hall Park—We will have 10 speakers, music by the Channel 2 Dub Band-good reggae, and info tables with all kinds of prohibition and cannabis news and facts as well as voter registration.

Calgary: Ken Kirk e-mail: marijuanaparty.ofalberta(at) 780-430-8440

Capetown: "greggoodwin" greggoodwin(at)

Carbondale: Liz Strebe 618-351-0397 202 E. College (Apt 1), Carbondale, IL 62901

Charleston: Amanda Kushner Amanda2bad(at) 304-746-0777 969 Jarrell Dr., Charleston, wv 25312 Rally Concert

Chesapeake: Barbra 373-9027 bkquamen(at) Chesapeake, Virginia

Chicago: Caren Thomas, WCHDB, 2501 N. Lincoln, PMB#157; Chicago, IL 60614; 773-381-9330 - cell - 847-344-9394 email or 773-363-2942 chicagomarch2002(at) -or-windycityhemp420(at) website - I've bought "" & it should be up real soon.

Chico: 530-345-1997 chicodank(at) or or adrian aguilar ode2thewalls(at) (530)898-2150 or voicemail pgr 530-571-2071

Christchurch: Blair Anderson blair(at) Mild Green Media Centre ph: ++64 3 389-4065 Website Newsforum news://

Cincinnati: Nathan Utter (513)556-6107 or 861-5722. 29 W. Daniels #16, Cincinnati, Ohio 45215

Cleveland: John OCannabisSociety(at) (216)521-9333

Cologne: gow!Club CannaCom e.V. /redAktion: 0221 562-6347 "Vinnie" info(at)

Colorado Springs: Robert (719) 685-1189 hemptrends(at) 724 Manitou Ave Manitou Springs, CO. 80829 or Bob Melamede rmelamed(at) rally in downtown Colorado Springs at Acatia Park.

Columbus: Kenneth Schweickart 614-265-VOTE dpeo(at) 319 E. Hudson St. Columbus, Ohio 43202

Concord: (603)682-9077 "The Cannabis Times" tct(at) or State House at noon

Copenhagen: Ole olelykke(at) +45321572115 or Klaus Tuxen hampenyt(at) or Zid Dhartha mr_azid(at) (+0045) 32 95 65 07 org: Hampepartiet ( The party For HEMP) address: F.H.B. hampens plads Christiania, 1407 Kbh. K. March at 2 pm from Faelledparken Christiania into Copenhage for smoke-in in Nyhavn

Dallas: Fletch 214-566-2460 phletch41(at) 6008 E. Mockingbird Lane, Dallas, Tx. 75206

Darwin: mick lambe pariahnt(at) Ganja Day demo' at Darwin parliament house.

Dauphin: Shroom menace217(at) Dauphin, Manitoba Smoke-in, followed by walk to support legalization

Denver: Ken Gorman gov02(at) 303-935-6534 or ralph(at) 303-546-6125

Des Moines: iowanorml(at) (515) 288-5798,, ; or Terry Mitchell (515) 789-4442; 608 Dallas St., Dexter, Iowa 50070.

Detroit: George George S. gtomfields(at) 313-533-6108 or "Professor Hemp" newagecitizen(at) 313-563-3192 or "jude joseph" acididea(at) 313 438 1668 Rally in Grand Circus Park and Washington Plaza Noon to 6:30pm with acoustic sets from SistA Otis, speeches from Jay Statzer, Prof. Hemp, Tim Beck and Douglass Campbell (Green Candidate for Gov.) See the Detroit Ibogaine Project presentation and "Shattered Lives" display. Sidewalk march starts 4:20 to occupy downtown Detroit

Dover: "Richard J. Schimelfenig" rschimelfenig(at) or dhempman(at) Delaware Cannabis Society c/o Richard J. Schimelfenig, 3504 Winterhaven Drive, Newark, DE 19702, (302) 456-9402

Dublin: "Butler, Philip" phillty2(at) +353 1 4163707 or jday(at)

Duesseldorf: Marlon Werkhausen marlon(at) phone: 049-172-7591795.

Duisburg: Dirk &Co cafe-zentral(at)

Dunedin: Duncan Eddy duncaneddy(at) NORML NZ, phone: 027 4719 139

Durban: or ezpz(at) +27 31 2016 359 PHONE AND FAX. Post net Suite 136, Private Bag X 04, DALBRIDGE, 4014, SOUTH AFRICA Justin Ballot, 134 Clark Road, Durban 4001, South Africa.

Eaton: Andy Fudge fudgeie(at) 210 eaton lewisburg rd apt#61 Rally 12 noon—lots of kick ass specialties

Edinburgh: "Linda Hendry"linda(at) UK - 0131 667-6488

Edmonton, Alberta: Ken Kirk e-mail: marijuanaparty.ofalberta(at) 780-430-8440 or "Ross Z" ganja_23(at)

Ellwangen: Sven Semmler sven(at)

Eugene: Kris Millegan Hempsters(at) 800-556-2012 3rd annual Peace March against an unconstitutional and absurd Drug War will start at 12:00 noon from 24th and Amazon Parkway and proceed to the Wayne Morse Free Speech Plaza at Eighth ad Oak for music, speakers and rally.

Fairbanks, Alaska: Frank Turney 907-452-3777 or Chuck Rollins Jr. chuck(at)

Feldkirch: kontakt(at) 3. Hempfest Organized by Legalize! ÷sterreich and B¸rgerinitiative Cannabis (Citizens' Initiative Cannabis) Start: 20:00h Location: Sonderbar Admission: 8 Euro, 4 Euro for students Speeches, Information, Music

Flensburg: Peter Bluhm peter-bluhm(at) phone: Irene: 04632-871771 Peter: 0461-13620

Flint: Rev. A.S."Happy" Wright happy_hempster(at) 989 872 8005 The march will begin at 10 am on May 4th. First time annual event downtown Noon - 4:20pm

Frankenthal: helmut holtzheimer movemus(at)

Freiburg: info(at), Verein fuer Drogenpolitik e.V. Info stall from 11:00h-17:00h. corner Kaiser-Joseph-Strasse - Schiffstrasse

Fresno: Glass Packers glasspackers(at) Eric Burns

Ft. Lauderdale: Sean LaPierre 954-584-8979 4750 N.W. 10th Court (Apt. 314), Plantation, FL 33313 email: imagic music(at) Rally from 12 - 5:30pm for the Million Marijuana March in Stranahan Park, on the S.E. corner of Broward Blvd. and Andrews Ave. Downtown Ft. Lauderdale!

Garberville : 707 923 4488 "Paul Encimer" encimer(at) Box 162, Piercy CA 95587; or "jeri" jeri(at)

Geneva: John Goetelen +41-22-349-6622

Halifax: 902 865-8606 Michael Patriquin mpat(at) HempWorks, 93 Orchard Dr, Middle Sackville, Nova Scotia B4E 3B3

Hamburg: Martina Katzsch Hanf-tv(at) ++49 40 4394493 Kulturhaus Eppendorf, at 20:00 Politisches Beisammensammensein Diskussionen - Musik

Hamilton: Contact aksh1(at)

Helsinki : Finnish Cannabis Association sky(at)

Hilo: Roger Christie pakaloha(at) (808) 961-0488

Homer, Alaska - contact Julie Cesarini, P.O. Box 812, Homer AK 99603, 907 235-6040.

Houston: Dean Farrell fdb(at) (281)752-9198. c/o Dean Becker, 11215 Oak Spring, Houston, TX 77043

Hull: Carl Wagner phone: +44 01482 494789 5 Victoria Square, Ella Street, Hull HU5 3AL, England

Huntsville: "Acorn" 256-489-2607 or mikecrockett256(at) 1267-A jupiter court, Redstone Arsenal, AL 35808. The festivities are set for 2 pm at big springs park here in huntsville.- smoke time, of course, 4:20 pm.

Indianapolis: Neal Smith, inorml(at), 317-335-6023 Voice Mail, 3601 N. Pennsylvania, Indianapolis, IN 46205 Rally at Broadripple Park on Indy's northside, starting at Noon w. featured guest will be Jeanne Horton. Jeanne has been bedridden for nearly 10 years from MS.

Ithaca: Adam Hirsch ah222(at), 111 Dryden Rd(Apt 9C), Ithaca, NY 14850. (607) 227-0302

Jacksonville: James Johnson (904)245-2876 chefboyrdee69(at) 659 Apeberry Lane, Jacksonville, Florida

Jefferson City: Al Minta (417)885-3993 cannabisal(at) address: 1653 N. Patterson (Apt A), Springfield, MO 65803 or Columbia NORML/Jeremy & Amanda 573-815-9821

Jerusalem: Joseph (011 972) 55-344-859

Johannesburg: Gordon Maene Gordon(at) work: ( 011)805 6763 cell phone: 082 552 6393

Juneau: contact Brad Parfitt at latebrad(at)

Kailua-Kona: Gretel Zapata of Free Mary Jane freemaryjanehawaii(at) Tel# 808.328.9251 voice# 808.331.5418 81-1085c Capt. Cook RD Capt. Cook HI 96726 or PO box 746 Honaunau HI Event details = Meet at Old Airport soccer field 1PM. March to Huggo's and back.

Kansas City: mohemp(at) David 816-678-7447, 'its a beautiful day' 3918 broadway, Kansas city mo. 64111... 816 931 6169.

Kelowna, B.C.: Teresa Taylor, CCC luna(at) (250) 442-2741 or (250) 442-5166 Fax (250) 442-5167 or Amanda/hempshop (250)770-8171

Kent: 330-673-3060 Matthew S. Donowick 237 1/2 E. Summit st., Kent, OH 44242 TennJedJr(at)

Kraków: Marek Warmuz (+48)501-468-018 "quepassa" quepassa(at)

Ladysmith: Terry & Wendy, (250)-245-3595, tandwp1(at)

Lansing: Kathy Kennedy 517-628-3915 or e-mail: "kathy kennedy" prohibitionx(at) gather at 2PM at Olds Park (corner Cedar and Michigan). 2:30 short march to the Capitol. 3:00 speakers Dan Salano, Renee Emry and Trena Moss with the Rainbow Farm story. Certified ASL sign language interpreters.

Las Vegas: Ray Facundo raybones80(at), 1750 Santa Margarita, Apt 122, Las Vegas, NV 89146 (702)-222-3560

Leadville: Ken Cary (719-486-2215. 114 W 6th # 9, Leadville, CO 80461

Leipzig: C.U. Rolf tel 03412131477 or "veejaykay" veejaykay(at) rolfdereinzigename(at), lxc(at) j–rg klepsch, simildenstr.12, 04277 Leipzig-Germany

Lille: FARId GHEHIOUECHE gfarid(at) Tel/fax : 01 44 93 93 57; Mobile: 06 14 81 56 79

Limburg: Batlle(at) (Valentin Batlle) 11.05.2002, 08:00 AM to 04:00 PM Limburg City Europaplatz M.M.M-Event with Music (Söllner, Joint Venture ...) Valentin Batlle, Hanf Aktivist

Little Rock: Jamie Collins k_kar420(at) (501) 663-4216 1516 Fairpark Blvd., Little Rock, Ark. 72204

Liverpool: Will Graham willg(at) tel (inc. international code): 0044 151 727 1458

London: International Cannabis Coalition (UK), PO Box 2243, London, W1A 1YF, UK. Chris: 020 7637 7467. Fax: 0870 0548646. E Mail: may2001(at) Begin with a carnival style march from Kennington Park (assemble 12pm) with floats, banners, costumes and samba beats leading to an all day free festival in Brockwell Park, Brixton, featuring music, the Hemp Expo, Medical Cannabis Marquee, Speakers Area, Hemp Food, and much more...

Ljubljana: borut.delfabbro(at) #352; ou-Lj, Kersnikova 4, 1000 Ljubljana or Mojca Štraus mojca(at) 0038641786490 Vinski vrh5a, 3240 Šmarje pri jelšah, Ljubljana, Slovenia Rally Concert Ljubljana, Kongresni trg 11 am a manifestation of freedom and tolerance. Starting at 3pm, sketches and speeches finishing at 9 pm, continuing into the night at After Dark, Metalkova, K4

Los Angeles: Sister Somayah 323-232-0935 or 504-858-0981 Ashley fearless420(at) On Saturday, May 4th, the LA MMM event will be held all day in Leimert Park at Vernon and Crenshaw in Los Angeles beginning with 10am "Hemp Breakfast", Rally 1pm until dusk.

Luxemburg (LU) info(at), Tel: 00352 26 53 08 95, They are planning a press conference and handing out leaflets. Mailing address:LIFE, 53, Val des Aulnes, L-3811 Schifflange

Lyon: FARId GHEHIOUECHE gfarid(at) Tel/fax : 01 44 93 93 57; Mobile: 06 14 81 56 79 Location: 14h Croix Rousse Place

Madison: Ben Masel bmasel(at) 608-257-5456

Manchester: Cannabis Coalition (Manchester), 57 Church Street, Smithfield Buildings, Manchester, M4. Tel: 0161 834 1130. email: Gingrach(at)

Marburg: Gr¸ne Hilfe Hessen, c/o Jo, Tel/Fax: 06631/801512 Location: Cafe Am Gr¸n, Start: 19:30h Hempevent Liberation Day with Word Music (live), speeches and hemp, cannabis, marijuana infos Marburg (Germany) 04.05.2002, 07:30 PM Cafe am Grün M.M.M-Event with Worldmusic (Embryo) Speakers - Jo Biermanski, Grüne Hilfe Bundesvorstand - Sylvia Hesse, Grüne Hilfe Landesverband Hessen - Donald Denzler, Rastafari - Anna Lührmann, Bundestagskandidatin B90/Grüne - Mark Seibert, Jugendpolitischer Sprecher PDS, Hessen

Marseilles: FARId GHEHIOUECHE gfarid(at) Tel/fax : 01 44 93 93 57; Mobile: 06 14 81 56 79

Melbourne: Kevin Aplin FL CAN (321)-726-6656. Jodi James -Coalition Advocating Medical Marijuana 321-253-3673. e will be parading with floats and a police escort (free of charge) from Fee Ave Park to City Hall in Old Downtown Melbourne on May 4th march Assembles at 12:00 Noon. There will be a concert afterwards at the Greenhouse Cafe and Hemp Museum on East New Haven Ave.

Memphis: Lanie 731-855-7527

Mexico City: +5300 5774 "Tato" foigras2002(at) "Camello" cosmocamello(at) "Asoc. Mexicana de Estudios Sobre el Cannabis" amecamexico(at) Leopoldo Rivera Rivera/AsociaciÛn Mexicana de Estudios sobre el Cannabis, Amapola # 35, col. Jardines del Molinito, Naucalpan, Estado de MÈxico. CP. 53530 MŠXICO or Adolfo Prieto 1003, Col. del Valle, C.P. 03100, Mexico, D.F.,, Event Details: Meet in front of Palacio de Bellas Artes at 3pm. Saturday May 4, 2002

Miami: Glenn Allen, 42c s.e.12th st. Dania, Fl 33004, 954-929-7025 aka "Nelg Nella" spacehippie(at) The Miami May 4th event is tentatively scheduled for Peacock Park in Coconut Grove.

Milwaukee: "Dominic Salmaan" cannabisliberation(at) 414-469-0899. 1525 E. Royall (Apt # 14), Milw., WI 563202.

Minneapolis: Grassroots Party or Chris Wright TCW(at) 612-522-5374. March (at) High Noon from Loring Park to Washburn Fair-Oaks Park.

Missoula: Angela Goodhope sisterearth420(at) (406) 829-1703 Jacob's Island 420ish to University and then possibly downtown; Bands and hempy refreshments

Montpelier: Rama Schneider 2001(at) (802) 433-5441 address: 1614 Gilbert Road, Williamstown, VT 05679

Montpellier at Le Bikini Location: 16h Comedie Place

Montreal: Marc-Boris St-Maurice blocpot(at) (514)528.1768

Moscow: d-form(at) mailing address Russia, Moscow, ul.Grimau 16, ap.28

Munich: mmm-muenchen(at)

Nantes: FARId GHEHIOUECHE gfarid(at) Tel/fax : 01 44 93 93 57; Mobile: 06 14 81 56 79

Napa: Bruce Trask 707-253-9295 1020 Soscol Ferry Rd, Napa, CA 94558

Nashville: "Howie & Marivuana Leinoff" torml(at) (615)ACT-HIGH.

New Haven: Lucas Davenport hardreboot(at) 203-752-2462

New Orleans : Crystal 504-897-9196 or Daisy 504-957-HERB email: NewOrleansMarch(at)

New Paltz: newpaltznorml(at) NORML / SSDP PO Box 775, New Paltz, NY 12561 from 2pm - 6pm rally complete with bands, speakers etc. at 6pm march through town for about an hour the local SUNY at campus to join the 3rd annual Rock Against Racism concert hosted by New Paltz NORML w. Merl Saunders and his Funky Friends, Tony Vacca - World Rhythms with Gokh-Bi System

New York City: Dana 212-677-7180 dana(at)

Newark: "Lori Simpson" Kinkywink(at) 47 Mark ct., Bear, DE 19701 302-838-4375

Nimbin: Max Stone of the Australian Cannabis Law Reform Movement" aclrm(at) ph: 61 0266 891842 Bong Mobile

Normal: Zach (309)451-1516 "Bud Spliff" normalpotluck2002(at)

Nuernberg: Emanuel Kotzian ("Green Party") emanuel(at) phone: 0049-911-535433 14.00 CET - LIBERATION DAY DEMO 2002 ANNAPARK, U-Bahn Maffeiplatz, (Demo durch die Innenstadt zur Lorenzkirche) 16.00 CET - LIBERATION DAY ACT 2002 LORENZKIRCHE, U-Bahn Lorenzkirche, Gregor Gysi, Ulrich Maly (OB-N¸rnberg), Claudia Roth (alle angefragt) & guter Musik (garantiert!) 18.00 CET - LIBERATION DAY DANCE 2002 K4- K–nigsstr.93 - groþer Festsaal, Sound: 12 DJ/MC-MIX FOR LIBERATED PEOPLE (Reggae-Hiphop)

Oberlin: Patty Hallman sbysc(at) (440)774-4544) c/o Stitch by Stitch & Curiosities, 31 South Main Street, Oberlin, OH 44074

Omaha: Paul Tripp, paultrip(at), (402)598-6180 12216 Poppleton Plz. #238, Omaha, NE, 68144

Oslo: mmm(at) Torkel Bj¯rnson, NORMAL, Hjelmsgt 3, N0-0158 Oslo, Norway

Ottawa: "deadmanseedco" deadmanseedco(at) 613-749-3014 Don Appleby or Rick Reimer at 613-756-2961 or Rob Brown at 613-756-5892

Paducah: Paula (270)362-9849 pioneer(at), Cher Ford-McCullough bitchcrafts(at) 65 Cabin Lane, Gilbertsvile, Ky. 42044 or Brian McCullough bud_jamesbud(at) (270) 362-8186 We got Gatewood for this Years March!

Palm Springs: Lanny Swerdlow mappnow(at) or marijuanamarch(at) pager: 760-836-8166; ph: 760-799-2055.

Paradise: Virgil Hales 530-877-5814

Paris: FARId GHEHIOUECHE gfarid(at) Tel/fax : 01 44 93 93 57; Mobile: 06 14 81 56 79 or "Dalila AKROUR" dalilaa(at) 5, rue de Tombouctou 75018 PARIS On Friday 3rd, one opening night for a Drugs Legalisation Festival with plenty of famous bands in different places in Paris. Saturday 4th, Big demo. Bastille place 3:00 PM ; and evening : following of the music festival. Sunday 5th, at Main d'Oeuvre in Saint Ouen (stick to North Paris), all day happenings with : forum about Drugs legalisation, film festival against censorship on drugs, conference and debate on the topic : what about a new French drugs policy ?, art performance, public lecture, photo exhibits... and hemp food buffet

Patterson: David Germolus 209-892-6640 angelwater260(at) 420 hoffman ct., Patterson, California meet at the circle at 4:00; start march at 4:20 Super phat smoke out as we march and rally through the small town; Show the police we will not stand around like pupets, we have rights. Major party after the march

Philadelphia: phillyweed420(at), "chuck palmer" chuckp(at)CritPath.Org 610-279-6358, or "Dave Toaff" davetoaff(at) Starts 12:00 noon at the Federal Courthouse at 6th and Market Streets. Rally beginning at 2:00 PM at the Park by Front and South Streets before crossing the bridge to go to Penn's Landing. Speakers incl: Diane Fornbacher, Director of the Tri-State Drug Policy Forum, and Professor Julian Heicklen, Western Vice Chair the Libertarian Party of PA

Pilsner or Plzen:, e-mail exist(at)

Pordenone: Ivan Romano, Via Firenze 5, 33080 Porcia, PN, Italy ++39434591026 ++43428098

Portland: (503) 239-6110 MMM 2002 Committee c/o Oregon NORML (OrNORML) PO Box 86443, Portland, OR 97286 Madeline Martinez yerbanena(at) or Steven M. Cooper Volunteer Coordinator ornorml.volunteer(at) - Portland: "The Second National Clinical Conference on Cannabis Therapeutics: "Analgesia and Other Indications" May 3& 4, 2002, Holiday Inn at the Convention Center, Portland, Or. This is an accredited conference that is co-sponsored by Patients Out of Time, the Portland Community College Institute of Health Professionals, the Oregon Health Division, Mothers Against Misuse and Abuse, and the Oregon Nurses Association. Registration information and conference details will be available by February 1, 2002 at . Press representatives should contact Patients Out of Time for information at (434) 263-4484 or al(at)

Prague: Michael "xChaos" Polak xchaos(at) Tel: +420 603 872631 / +420 2 33355668 / ICQ# 40434104 (Stop drug war & release victims !)

Providence: Ann McCormick amccormick(at) 401-724-6285 41 Greenfield Street, Pawtucket, RI 02861-2934 or Dave Farias 401-521-3054, 21 Pomona Ave, Providence, RI 02908

Raleigh-Durham: Bryan T. Moore btm42(at) 614 Carolina Ave. Raleigh, NC 27606-1606 (919) 816-0609 or "Jeff Badalucco" nc_ca(at) (919)834-2816 238 Pecan St., Raleigh, NC 27603

Rapid City: Bob Newland newland(at) 877-687-5297, 605-255-4032 website: Arrive by 3:30 to hear some "speechifyin' ". March will begin promptly at 4:20 p.m at 6th and Columbus Streets and proceed north on 6th Street to Memorial Park near the Civic Center for a concert jam. concert/jam is planned at the park after the march.

Recklinghausen: Jossi janjos(at)

Regina: Daniel Johnson amduscias(at)

Rennes at l'Ubu. Jean Charles PETITJEAN, BARACANNA (COCAR), 105, rue St HÈlier, 35000 Rennes. TÈl : 33 (0)2 23 35 15 69 Fax : 33 (0)2 23 35 01 33 E-Mail : baracanna(at) SIRET : 432 785 822 00029 APE : 913 E ouvert mercredi de 14h30 ý 19h30 jeudi, vendredi et samedi de 10h ý 20h They will offer hemp seeds to people at a rally in front of the mayor's house.

Reno: Michelle 775-287-1594 or Sharon Noble 775-971-9237. 11540 Rocky Mt. St., Reno, NV 89505. Virginia Lake at noontime on May 4, 2002

Richmond: "Roy B. Scherer" rscherer(at) (804) 355-7612, or campus libs at Huclberie1(at) March starts at 1:30 pm at Monroe Park, (bounded by Laurel, Franklin, Main, and Belvedere. Following speeches, it proceeds down Franklin to the Capitol for more speeches.

Rio de Janeiro: +55 - 21 - 9885 9162 mmmbr2002(at)

Rome: "Segreteria Forte Prenestino" segreteria(at) or Michela Gesualdo mgesuald(at)

Rosario: +54 - 341 - 4642699 or +54 - 341 - 155093184 E-mail: raddud(at) Corrientes 1307, 2000 - Rosario- ARGENTINA

Salt Lake City: Dr. Ken Larsen (801) kencan(at) 856 E. 100th St. South (#2), Salt Lake City, UT 84102 or Andy Morrill (801)334-8122 rambis4(at) A. Reed Morrill, 1663 Historic 25th Street,Ogden, Utah 84401 In Salt Lake City, we will assemble at South Temple and West Temple. At High Noon, we will begin our march East to State Street and then North to the steps of the Capital. That will take about 30 or 40 minutes. Then, we will have music and speakers. Dennis Peron, author of Proposition 215 in California, will be our featured speaker.

San Diego: San Diego A.C.T. (Association for Cannabis Therapeutics) c/o T.Villodas,901"F"street#413,San Diego, Ca.92101 email: Ed zepplin edzepp(at) or Donna 619-302 3041 or 619-223-1050 (land line) 619-302-3041 (mobile)

San Francisco: Hemp Evolution/Clark Sullivan "freeman sullivan" feemansulllivan(at) or c.libertine(at) or LAMPS 415-487-0561 Saturday in San Francisco's UN Plaza where United Nations Climate Treaty "Grandfather" and honorary chairperson of The American Agenda Committee, Alden Bryant, will open the program at Noon at the United Nations Plaza by singing of the UN Cantada of Human Rights, by thanking the medical marijuana activists for their efforts to see cannabis/hemp/marijuana prohibition ended so that hemp can be widely grown to save the trees and help climate stabilization

San Juan: Christian Fernandez c_fernh(at) Box 839 Gurabo, PR 00778

San Luis Obispo: "Rusty Stuart" nzane(at) 1722 Nacimiento Lake Dr, Paso Robles, CA 93446 805-237-7303 or 805-237-7306 And Jo-D: 805.937.0034

San Marcos: Joe Ptak: 512.754.0264 Email: earthfirstswt(at) Postal: 213 Ramsay St.; #107, San Marcos, TX; 78666

Santa Cruz: DdC dendecannabist(at) or Jason Brodsky theherbalist(at) or Bryan Gilstein shelbyrose7(at) (831-502-3865) Bryan Gilstein, UCSC, 600 Kresge Ct, Santa Cruz CA 95064 discussion list: SCMJMarch(at) Meet at the clocktower at 4:00, march at 4:20 on May 4th

São Paulo: Victor maolvni(at) 30620225 rua tirica 345 Cabeca: podiscreuza(at) : 35678903: rua japao 876 maolvni(at) Praça Por do Sol, Avenida Faria Lima March Rally Forum Concert Todos juntos na Por do Sol !

Saskatoon: Jeremiah Whipp (306)230-0951–1800 Main St (Apt 42), Saskatoon, Sask. S7H4B3.

Sofia: Chris Pantchev Xpu100 hri100(at)

Soltau: Meet up at 15:30h at the Hagen - Demonstration starts at 16:00h

St. Louis: 314-962-0690 or St. Louis Area NORML, PO Box 220243, St. Louis, MO 63122, Phone: 314-995-1395 Email: StL_norml(at) Saturday 4 May - 4:20 March to the Arch - The main event is 3PM at Kiener Plaza (Market and Broadway in Downtown St Louis MO) for general protesting, sign displays and lots of yelling good natured 1st Amendment fun. At 4:20 we March to the Arch past KMOV-TV and KMOX-AM where we entice them to come out for coverage. Event concludes with speakers, drumming and victim testimonials on the steps facing the Mississippi River under the Gateway Arch. Sign making parties and other earlier Cannabis Liberation Day events to be announced.

Stafford: Simon wrxmanuk(at) +447816485762 Concert (at) stafford town square

Stockton: mikaela/free the weed 912-884-6144 veganarchy16(at) veganarchy16(at) 322 lake dr, stockton, California

Stuttgart: info(at), Verein fuer Drogenpolitik e.V. Info stall from 11:00h-17:00h. corner K–nigstrasse / B¸chsenstrasse

Tallahassee: (850)321-8311 ask for Matt fsunorml(at) Ricky Bradford FSU NORML c/o Oglesby, Union Student Activities Office, FL 32306

Tampa: (813)779-2551. Michael Palmieri forml420(at) or forml_2000(at); (FORML ). P.O. Box 2061, Zephyrhills, Florida 33539. ups: 38233 Tucker Rd, Zehyrhills, FL 33541 ; or bquail420(at) ph: (727)347-6245

Taos: Danielle Romero (505)770-5260 or Joanne Foreman jofo(at) 505-751-1102

Tel Aviv: Boaz Wachtel—wachtel(at) Tel:972-54-573679 PO Box 2983, Even Yehuda, 40500 Israel

Thunder Bay: Doug Thompson docclone(at) 807-475-7436

Tokyo: Takao Bakuya (Cannabist) info(at) +81-3-3706-6885

Toronto: "Terry Parker Jr." terryparkerjr(at) 2209-55 Triller Ave. Toronto, Ont. Canada, M6R-2H6 416-533-7756 or Derek Wellwood or Larry Duprey (416)540-7829 fax(416)242-2635 larryduprey(at) or info(at) Toronto Area Association / Marijuana Party of Canada, 132 Dundas St. East, Toronto,On M5B 1E2 (416)367-3459 Please note that Toronto is doing the Parade on Sunday May5.

Traverse City: Melody Karr fiddlefoot420(at) (231)885-2993 PO Box 524 Mesick, MI 49668. or 10954 Birch Road Mesick MI 49668. Begin Gathering at High Noon at Sunset Park (parking available at the Great Lakes Maritime Academy, 1701 East Front Street). March at 1 p.m., along Grandview Parkway and back through downtown. Rally will follow, beginning at 4:20 at the Fireplace Inn, between Interlochen and Karlin.

Trondheim: mmm(at) Line Arstad, NORMAL, Hjelmsgt 3, N0-0355 Oslo, Norway

Tucson: "mary mackenzie (formerly crow)" mmackenzie(at) (520)323-2947 or 3400 east speedway, #118, tucson, Arizona 85716

Turku: Vihreet Pantterit info(at)

Ukiah: Verge Belanger "v belanger" contactverge(at) Tommy Gunn, 528 North State St. #1, Ukiah, Ca. 95482 1 PM Rally w. speakers and music at Mendocino County Courthouse (Perkins & State Sts.). Then Million Marijuana March to Todd Grove Park for a Potluck picnic with various speakers, 2 acoustic music acts, juggling, info, etc.

Upper Lake, Ca.: Linda & Eddy Lepp"linda senti" lisenti(at) 707-275-8879

Vancouver: David Malmo-Levine, dagreenmachine(at) BC Marijuana Party Bookstore and Internet Broadcasting Center, 307 West Hastings Tel. 604 682-1172 The plan is to start at the Art Gallery (Georgia and Howe St.) at 2PM, do the "non-violence/hug power" speech for security and informational context thing, then march down to the US consulate at 3PM (1095 W. Pender) and have a rock concert! Marc will probably be handing out some fine herbal relaxants and euphoriants. Prizes for best sign/banner, costume and joke. Send regular mail address to dagreenmachine(at) (mark email with "active package" in title) and you will receive free zines/posters/pamphlets! For rally tips, check out the "Rally Do's and Don'ts" shows in the "High Society" archive at! ~ MMM 2002 march video:

Vega Alta: jose a hernandez josefaruk1(at) location Park Recreativo. Que Viva La Musica Coqui Coqui.

Vermilion: Sonny Morris 967-6069 sonny44089(at) 309 devonshire, event location: Vermilion Lake Park 4 PM

Vienna: 5. Hanffeuer, Bushdoctor martin(at) Phone: +43 (01) 524 04 40, Fax: +43 (01) 524 04 24, Kirchengasse 19, A-1070, Vienna, Austria"

Vilnius: "Andrius Brazas" brazhas(at) 370 98 84714

Walton: Dave Baughman 620-837-4496 Davyblues1(at) 124 S. Walton Ave., Walton, Kansas 67151

Washington, D.C.: "John Pylka" fjhc(at) Phone: 202-887-5770 .or marcia.greene(at) or taporter84(at) At Malcolm X Park, 12-6 PM: a small gathering and teach-in to get people ready for the July 4th. Demonstration.

Wellington Ben Knight Legalise(at) NORML NZ, PO Box 27-315, Wellington +64 25 377509

Winnepeg: Chris Buors, chris_buors(at) mail to 430 Winterton ave, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R2K 1K4

Winston-Salem: Queen Selassie (336) 661-0684 4469 Indiana Ave, Winston-Salem, N.C. 27105

Wolfenbuttel: solid-wf(at) This is an info stall in Wolfenbuttel. I'm not sure about the exact location yet. It's organized by ['solid], the youth organization affiliated with the PDS (a socialist party)

Worcester: C.J. & Judi Bunn, 413-245-3675 #9 Maybrook Rd, Holland, MA 01521

Yellow Springs: Devon Ronaldson soulrebel(at) 937 769 1764 c/o Student mailroom, 795 Livermore St., Yellow Springs OH 45387

Zagreb: "Sergio Stifanic" fine_time909(at) GALOVICEVA 10, 10000 ZAGREB Phone: ++385 1 2330667

Zurich: Swiss Hanf Koordination Sekretariat + 41-31-398-144 infor(at) a free apéro for all our customers in our hemp-store: CHanf++ GmbH, Zweierstrasse 124, CH-8003 Zürich

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