Global Marijuana March 1998

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Million Marijuana March, now known as Global Marijuana March and Worldwide Marijuana March, was the Fifth Avenue Pot Parade expanded worldwide by Dana Beal and Cures-Not-Wars. May 2, 1998 was "Phase 1" with no other known cities (yet) except New York City.

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The Million Man... er..11:22

The Million Man... er... Marijuana March (11 19 1998)

The Howard Stern Show on November 19, 1998 - Goofing on the 1998 Million Marijuana March that occurred on May 2, 1998 in New York City. Dana Beal calls in to the show at 9 minutes 9 seconds in. Howard, Dana and the crew also discuss the upcoming 1999 MMM on May 1, 1999, and that it will occur in various cities worldwide. YouTube link.

New York City 1998 MMM

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