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Breeder: Sensi Seeds
Location: indoor, greenhouse
Type: Sativa dominant hybrid
Genetics: Thai landrace (Sativa) x unknown Indica

Fruity Juice is a specialized Indica/Sativa crossing of a sweet delicious Thai variety and a vigorous, potent, fast flowering Indica to speed up the harvest time and to shorten the height; however, if left unattended, this Thai hybrid can still stretch a bit.

This sweet and fruity cannabis hybrid has a large central cola with sativa-type side branching glistening with juicy resin covered buds that have a taste and smell that reminds one of a certain type of juicy and fruity chewing gum. Fruity Juice has a deep, sweet fruity aroma when growing and when smoked leaves you in a dreamy, uplifting cerebral high. Expect good yields of high quality marihuana.

Flowering: 50-60 days
Height: 140-180 cm
Yield: up to 150 grams

Flowering: end of October
Height: 140-180 cm
Yield: up to 750 grams

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