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See also: Drug War, mandatory minimum sentencing, NRA, and guns. And: The U.S. Drug War. Republicans lead. And: Race, ethnicity, and the drug war. And: Drug war charts and maps.

First mandatory minimums chart below is from an older FAMM report, "Correcting Course: Lessons from the 1970s Repeal of Mandatory Minimum Sentences". FAMM is Families Against Mandatory Minimums. [1]. See Wikipedia: Mandatory minimums. The Fair Sentencing Act of 2010 increased the amounts of crack cocaine required to trigger 5 and 10 year sentences. [2]. See revised charts since then. Share link to this page.

For charts of all federal mandatory minimums (not just for drug offenses), go here.
Federal mandatory minimum drug sentences

Later chart with revisions, such as the amount of crack cocaine required for various sentences:
USA. Federal mandatory minimum drug sentences

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