Ethiopian Orphan is an indica dominant strain of cannabis. Its name comes from the munchies and cottonmouth it is infamous for giving. It was developed to commemorate Nicolas Cages 50th birthday.

Detailed History Edit

Nick Cage had a cult following him throughout his earlier years while he was struggling for roles in films, they created a rather violent strain to keep them happy on their trecks around Cages' acting roles. After hybrids were created and various substances were mixed they came up with the ultimate pungent combination. Once their masterpiece was revealed it started to get introduced around the Hollywood area and famous celebrities started to become equaint with its strong flavour, such as Seth Rogen. 

The HighEdit

The high from Ethiopian Orphan has been described as somewhat similar to the hazy feeling of extreme starvation. African warlords have been know to smoke Ethipian Orphan as a way to understand the conditions their child soldiers have to endure. Ethiopian Orphan provides a chilled and mellow high with feelings of warmth. It is usually to combat eating disorders and high levels of anxiety.

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