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This guide features ALL coffeeshops in Amsterdam - more than 200 places listed and reviewed.

  • Discover new places you’ve never before heard about!
  • What’s the best coffeeshop in Amsterdam? An extended ‘best of’ list covers design, outdoor seating and music as well as best places to meet other people and the nearest, dearest and downright weirdest.
  • How much is the weed and hash around town? A summary of all menus with information about their smokes and pricing.
  • Where to find space cakes, vaporizers, waterpipes, food, beers and spirits?
  • The hidden treasures - coffeeshops outside of the centre! Special ambiance, better pricing, good quality. Go where the locals go - little known must-see places!
  • Ten practical maps to help you easily find the right spot for you.
  • Practical information: opening times, addresses, where to go in a bigger group, or alone, in a hurry, gay...
  • And many more helpful articles:
    • First time in a coffeeshop? How and what to order; the do’s and don’ts.
    • Behind the scenes! How does the weed and hash get into the shop?
    • The first coffeeshop in Amsterdam and the Netherlands.
  • A new edition every year!

You can find the book in souvenir shops, book shops and gift shops in Amsterdam. Or order it here! An absolute must-have for anyone who wants to enjoy the Amsterdam coffeeshops!


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