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Breeder: Homegrown Fantaseeds
Location: indoor, outdoor
Type: Sativa dominant hybrid
Genetics: Exodus Cheese (f) x Big Buddha Cheese (m)
Flowering (indoors): 10 weeks
Flowering (outside): October

Homegrown Fantaseeds version of Cheese was an instant hit when first released through our coffeeshop in Amsterdam.

It took a few years of back-crossing until we were able to guarantee a consistent seed that can produce the high quality buds that you expect.

Homegrown Fantaseeds - Cheese is trippy, you can just feel it! It is very unique looking, much like a man-made creation versus Mother Nature! Elongated buds, tiny little leaves, packed together fairly well. The flavor is very sweet, no “spice” that you’d expect from a Haze. The buzz is exceptionally powerful, it is the one for those of you who I like to try unique flavors and strains.

Awards Edit

  • 2008 - Second place winner of the Indica Cup; High Times Cannabis Cup.
  • 2004 - Third place winner of the People's Cup; High Times Cannabis Cup.

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