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Will 2018 midterm elections remove Republicans? 2018 ballot issues: marijuana & minimum wage.

A or F? How Congress scores on marijuana. 2. By Danielle Keane, NORML political director. 2016. "Of the 233 Democrats in Congress, 208 members (89.3 percent) received a passing grade of a 'C' or higher. Of the 302 Republicans in Congress, 102 members (33.8 percent) received a passing grade of a 'C' or higher." For your state see: Congressional Scorecard. NORML. Grading was based upon members' voting records.


Global Marijuana March animated Share links: arrests - POWs - cannabis POWs. This article was written by Timeshifter. See also: People in prisons and jails in the USA for drug-related crime. And: Drug war charts and maps. And: Wikimedia Commons:Category:Cannabis arrest statistics. And: The U.S. Drug War. Republicans lead. And: Cost of drug war. And: Influential cannabis users. And: Drug war causes high U.S. incarceration rate.

Cannabis breakout

Marijuana prisoners

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40.000+ in 2011. In state and federal prisons. Jail numbers not included.

In 2004, according to a 2007 report from the Bureau of Justice Statistics, marijuana convictions accounted for 12.7 percent of drug offenders in state prisons and 12.4 percent of drug offenders in federal prisons. Applying those percentages to the drug offender numbers for 2011 (225,200 state, 94,600 federal) suggests that roughly 40,000 people are serving time in state and federal prisons for marijuana offenses. That number does not include people serving shorter sentences in local jails, where a total of about 182,000 drug offenders were confined in 2011. Nor does it include the vast majority of the 758,000 people arrested for marijuana offenses that year.

Timeline of cannabis arrests by year:

U.S. cannabis arrests by year

More info, sources, data table.

Life for pot

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See main article: USA. Life for pot.
Jeff Mizanskey 2015 Sep 1

Jeff Mizanskey 2015 Sep 1

The drug war is a big cause of the high US incarceration rate. Also, the rest of the developed world has much lower rates of handgun ownership, and much lower murder rates. They never reached the levels of violence the USA did due to handguns and drug war. So they never had the clamoring of the far-right National Rifle Association (NRA) demanding mandatory minimum sentencing. Canada and Europe have long had much lower incarceration rates, better healthcare, and far fewer and shorter sentences for marijuana offenses.

People in prisons and jails for drug offences

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See main article: People in prisons and jails in the USA for drug-related crime.

489,000 in 2013 (see chart below). For drug offenses alone.

Does not count drug-related burglary, robbery, murder, etc. to get drug money, defend turf, etc..

Drug-related offences

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The majority of people incarcerated in prisons and jails in the USA are in due to drug-related offenses, crimes to get money for drugs, or drug-related parole or probation violations. Wikipedia: Drug-related crime. The number of inmates in the USA has increased almost 5 times over since 1980. The USA has the highest incarceration rate of any nation b c (except for the tiny country of the Seychelles). Compare incarceration rates worldwide. The cost of the U.S. drug war is at least 1.5 trillion dollars. Cannabis is safer! Share link.

More on cannabis arrests

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U.S. drug arrests U.S. cannabis arrests only

Arrests timeline by drug

Year  Arrests
1965   18,815 
1966   31,119 
1967   61,843 
1968   95,870 
1969  118,903
1970  188,682
1971  225,828
1972  292,179
1973  420,700
1974  445,000
1975  416,100
1976  441,100
1977  457,600
1978  445,800
1979  391,600
1980  401,982
1981  400,300
1982  455,600
1983  406,900
1984  419,400
1985  451,100
1986  361,800
1987  378,700
1988  391,600
Year  Arrests
1989  399,000
1990  326,900
1991  287,900
1992  342,300
1993  380,700
1994  481,100
1995  589,000
1996  641,600
1997  695,200
1998  682,900
1999  704,800
2000  734,500
2001  723,600
2002  697,100
2003  755,200
2004  771,600
2005  786,500
2006  829,600
2007  872,700
2008  847,863
2009  858,408
2010  853,839
2011  757,969
2012  749,825

Chart above from United States Bureau of Justice Statistics (BJS). Image info. Source: Drugs and Crime Facts: Drug law violations and enforcement. Data source here. 23,488,625 U.S. cannabis arrests from 1965 to 2012. Of the 757,969 in 2011 an estimated 663,032 were for marijuana possession alone. See cannabis arrests. Data sources here and here. See template.

Sources for marijuana arrest numbers:



USA. Percent of drug arrests

Marijuana arrests accounted for 52% of all U.S. drug arrests in 2010.

Marijuana possession versus violent crime

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More info and news

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  • March On Mayor Bloomberg's House: Protest Marijuana Arrests. By Steve Elliott. March 28, 2012. From the article: "Under Bloomberg, More Than 400,000 People Arrested on Low-Level Marijuana Charges in NYC. ... He's spending at least $75 million a year for these arrests. ... In the last five years under Bloomberg, the NYPD made more marijuana arrests than in the 24 years under Mayors Giuliani, Dinkins and Koch combined."


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