Breeder: Chimera Seeds
Location: Indoor
Type: Indica dominant hybrid
Genetics: Shiskaberry (f) x Cotton Candy (m)
Flowering: 45 - 55 days

Explosive! Our largest and most potent Cotton Candy mothers fertilized by Shiskaberry pollen, resulting in these seeds that are mostly indica in stature. Both parental lines are exceptionally high yielding varieties; the shiskaberry brings down the flowering time and the fragrant mothers improve upon the flavor and aroma in the resulting generation.

Post harvest processing is very rewarding as the trim from these flowers makes excellent quality hashish when either dry sifted or water/ice extracted; both techniques yield large returns making post-harvest processing worthwhile. Some of our clients grow these plants solely for the production of resin for hashish.

Genetic Heritage by region: Afghanistan, Thai, Mexico

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