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Search for marijuana march videos. And more.
2017, 2016, 2015 Global Marijuana March. Crowd photos.

2012 Global Marijuana March Edit

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See 2012 Global Marijuana March map.

Brazil. Cities, dates, and times:

June 15, 2011. Supreme Court legalizes marijuana ralliesEdit

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Besides the many marijuana marches held, or attempted, throughout May in Brazil, there were 40 more marches Saturday June 18 after the Supreme Court ruling June 15 legalizing marijuana rallies under freedom of speech.

"Brazilian demonstrators held marches on the weekend calling for marijuana to be legalized after the country's top court ruled the gatherings could go ahead in the name of freedom of speech. The demonstrations were held in 40 towns and cities late Saturday, according to Brazilian media. Most were small affairs, with around 2,000 marching in the country's megapolis of Sao Paulo. Some people were seen smoking marijuana, but there were no immediate reports of arrests. Possession and use of marijuana remains illegal in Brazil, and some commentators and social groups said they saw the marches as violating a law on justifying crimes. But Brazil's Supreme Court last Wednesday ruled that the right to freedom of expression was more important and the marches could be held -- but that illicit drugs should not be consumed. Last month, when protesters tried to hold a pro-marijuana rally in Sao Paulo without judicial support, the march degenerated into clashes with police who fired tear gas to disperse them."

2011 Global Marijuana March in May Edit

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See Global Marijuana March 2011 map.

Brazil. Cities, dates, and times:

Some Google News results for the 2011 Global Marijuana March.

2010 Global Marijuana March Edit

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See Global Marijuana March 2010 map.

Brazil. Cities, dates, and times:

2009 Global Marijuana March Edit

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See GMM 2009, and archive, 2.

2008 Global Marijuana March Edit

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See: Template:Brazil GMM 2008

Brazil 2008 GMM 9
There was repression in most Brazilian cities that tried to hold Global Marijuana March events in 2008:

  • Flickr search: [3].

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