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Block Head
(Spice of Life Seeds)

Type: Mostly Indica with Sativa characteristics, often especially high calyx-to-leaf ratios

Taste/Smell: Musty and musky with mildly sweet undertones.

Shape: Mostly columnar, more branches outdoors

Height Indoor: 0.5 - 1 meter

Height Outdoor: 1 - 1.5 meters

Flower-time Indoor: 56-72 days, phenotype dependant.

Flower-time Outdoor: Mid to late October in Northern hemisphere.

Yield Indoor: Heavy with dense flowers.

Yield Outdoor: Can be very high.

Humidity Level: Prefers dry conditions because of large flowers.

The mother was selected from seed developed by one crazy yanqui and the exact origins are a mystery. This mother clone line had indica-like buds on a sativa looking plant. Crossed with the same Sweet Tooth father as Sweet Tooth #3, it is distinctly different from anything on the market and lives up to its name, leaving many speechless!

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